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Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta Marks 50 Years

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The Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta (MCCA) is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. As part of the celebration, the club had a banquet March 29th with 72 members and guests attending. Special guests included 1972 club president – Larry Todd, 2000-2001 President -Ed Zimmerman, Alabama ANA District Representative – Richard Jozefiak, and ANA Governor – Mike Ellis.

ANA Governor Mike Ellis

After dinner, Mike Ellis presented two special awards – an ANA certificate honoring Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta’s 50th anniversary and an ANA Presidential Award to MCCA President and Georgia ANA District Representative Chip Cutcliff.

All banquet attendees received a custom made 50th anniversary 1964 encased brass nickel.

The nickel ‘s obverse features the inscription METROPOLITAN COIN CLUB OF ATLANTA on the top, a star on each side, 50TH 1964-2014 YEAR across the bottom, and the club’s website mccatl.org centered under the dates. The reverse has the inscribed slogan ‘If You’re Stuck In A Pickle, Here’s A Nickel’.

The club also had 100 anniversary one ounce .9999 silver medallions produced.

The medallions have ‘50th Anniversary’ as the focal point centered on the reverse with the anniversary theme ‘PRESERVING OUR NUMISMATIC HERITAGE’ across the top and the club’s website, www.MCCATL.org on the bottom.

The obverse features a large frosted eagle with the word ‘LIBERTY’ at its base and ‘METROPOLITAN COIN CLUB OF ATLANTA’ on top, with the anniversary years ‘1964-2014’ at the bottom.

A limited number of both issues are available.


Nickels are priced at $4 each and silver medallions are $36. These prices include shipping and handling.

Orders should be sent to MCCA, Ron Wichman -Treasurer, P.O. Box 76090, Atlanta, GA 30358-1090. Please make checks or money orders payable to Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta.



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