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Mike Byers Mint Error News – U.S. Proof Error Coins at Heritage

By Mike Byers for Mint Error News ……
Here is a Selection of U.S. Proof Error Coins that are featured in the upcoming August 2021 ANA World’s Fair Of Money US Coins Signature Auction #1333.
Images Courtesy of Heritage Auctions, HA.com

1972-S Ike Dollar on a Cent Planchet
Ike Dollar on a Dime Planchet
PR67 Red Cameo and PR67
Unique Mated Error Pair – Lot 3406

1972-S Cent and Dime Eisenhower Dollar Mated Pair, PR67 Red Cameo, PR67, PR67 Ultra Cameo NGC. A proof clad dime planchet and a proof copper cent planchet were fed or placed together, side by side, between proof Ike dollar dies. The strike created a mated pair. The two pieces fit together, with a partial straight edge, across Eisenhower’s cheek.

The dollar-on-dime was aligned with the collar die at 10:30. The dollar-on-cent was aligned with the collar die at 5:30. The date and mintmark is complete on the dollar-on-cent. Also present is Eisenhower’s neck, and the partial legend OD WE UST.

Between both mated pairs, the profile of Eisenhower is complete, as is the eagle’s head. The dollar-on-dime also shows the partial legend LIB. Earth is complete on the reverse of the dollar-on-cent, along with E PLURIBUS UNUM, STATES OF AME, and the eagle’s right (facing) wing.

The dollar-on-dime displays the eagle’s legs, olive branch, and left wing. The 1972-S dollar-on-cent is graded PR67 Red Cameo NGC. The (1972-S) dollar-on-dime is graded PR67 NGC. Also included, to demonstrate the type, is a 1972-S Silver Eisenhower Dollar PR67 Ultra Cameo NGC, Type Two Reverse, light gold toning with exemplary contrast.

The three coins (mated pair and proof silver Eisenhower dollar) are housed together in a large format NGC holder, titled UNIQUE PENNY/DIME MATED PAIR [ABOVE].

It is unusual, although certainly appropriate, for NGC to use the word unique to describe this error pair, since it involves a non-overlapping mated error pair on two different off-metal wrong planchets struck by proof dies of an obsolete type. The mated error pair is reminiscent of a three-piece “clover leaf” proof Eisenhower dollar struck on adjacent and non-overlapping dime planchets, which realized $105,000 as lot 1329 in our April 2021 Central States Signature.


1972-S Quarter, PR68
Double Struck on a Dime
Double Denomination – LOT 4423

1972-S Washington Quarter — Double Struck on a Dime, Double Denomination — PR68 NGC. A clad Roosevelt dime was inadvertently fed between proof Washington quarter dies, and struck twice, as usual for proofs. The dime undertype is most evident near 4:30 on the obverse border, where NITED STA shows.

The dime was struck aligned with the quarter collar die at 4:30. The coin has an out-of-round appearance, and shows red color along the obverse border from 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock, where the copper clad layer was pushed out of the edge and struck along the obverse rim.

Evidence of the double strike from quarter dies shows on GOD and TRUST. The mintmark is bold, as is the 72 in the date. The 19 is partial and distorted.


40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar
Double Struck, Die Adjustment – Lot 4434

Undated Kennedy Half Dollar, 40% Silver — Die Adjustment Strike, Double Struck — NGC. This certified but ungraded Kennedy half dollar was struck twice. The first strike was well centered but very soft. On the obverse, only the top of Kennedy’s hair shows.

The reverse displays the eagle’s head and wings, along with a mushy impression of the clouds, banner, and D STATES OF AMER. The second strike is uniface obverse, and 50% off center toward 6 o’clock.

The second strike is also soft. No date or mintmark is present, but Kennedy half dollars were struck in 40% silver between 1965 and 1970. The coin was likely struck as a proof (1968-S to 1970-S) but it could also have been struck for a 1965 to 1967 special mint set.


1973-S Kennedy Half, PR68 Cameo
Double Struck on a Struck Quarter
Double Denomination

1973-S Kennedy Half Dollar — Double Struck on a Quarter, Double Denomination — PR68 Cameo NGC. A struck quarter was fed between proof half dollar dies and broadstruck twice. The half dollar collar die likely deployed, but the quarter was fed nearly centered and did not expand widely enough to reach the collar die. The quarter design was effaced by the proof half dollar striking, but the complete edge reeding confirms the half dollar is on a struck quarter instead of a quarter planchet. The half dollar is out of round near 8 o’clock, where the diameter is widest. Most of LIBERTY is too distorted to read, but each date digit is apparent, and the mintmark is bold. On the reverse, UNITED and HALF show the greatest distortion from unrestrained outward metal flow. The portrait and eagle are well struck and frosty.

1973-S Kennedy Half, PR68 Cameo
Flipover Double Struck
Second Strike Off Center

1973-S Kennedy Half Dollar — Flipover Double Struck, Second Strike Off Center — PR68 Cameo NGC. The first strike was normal. The second strike was approximately 40% off center toward 10:30, at 1:30 relative to the reverse of the first strike. The date and mintmark from the second strike are clear. The date and mintmark from the first strike were effaced by the second strike. A spectacular error on the popular Kennedy type.

Undated Ike Dollar, PR68 Cameo
Double Struck on a Half Dollar Planchet

Undated Eisenhower Dollar — Double Struck on a Half Dollar Planchet — PR68 Cameo NGC. 11.2 grams. Type Three Reverse. A clad Kennedy half dollar planchet was fed between Ike dollar dies. It was struck aligned with the collar die near 11 o’clock, with reeding present between 8 o’clock and 2 o’clock. The date is off the flan, but the San Francisco mintmark is present below the bust. After the first strike, the coin failed to eject from the dies. It rotated approximately 60 degrees counter-clockwise, and was struck a second time. No date shows from the second strike, though the mintmark is visible. A majority of ONE DOLLAR from both strikes is present. No planchet was fed between strikes. The reverse border shows traces of mahogany color where the copper from the edge was pressed out during the strikes.


1972-S Silver Ike, PR64 Cameo
Improper Obverse Die Alignment – LOT 4438

1972-S Eisenhower Dollar, Silver — Improper Obverse Die Alignment — PR64 Cameo NGC. The obverse die was dramatically misaligned when this proof Ike dollar was struck. The obverse die was installed tilted, with the right side projecting out and the left side recessed. The die was also installed approximately 15% off-center toward 10 o’clock.

This proof Ike is featureless on the left half of both sides. The obverse has a tilted appearance and shows the 2 in the date, the TY in LIBERTY, and the right outline of Ike’s bust.

The reverse displays about 40% of the design, between 1 and 5 o’clock, including all of the eagle’s right (facing) wing and most of the tail.

Undated Kennedy Half Dollar, PR67 NGC
Struck on a 5C Planchet

(Undated)-S 50C Kennedy Half Dollar — Struck on 5C Planchet — PR67 NGC. The mintmark is visible, but the date is off the flan. On the reverse, much of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA runs off the flan. Deeply mirrored in the fields with satiny luster across the sharp motifs. A hint of light golden color is seen.

* * *

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Mike Byers Mint Error News

Mike Byers
Mike Byershttps://minterrornews.com/
Mike Byers is the Owner, Publisher and Editor of Mint Error News Magazine and the Mint Error News website that was founded in 2003. In 2009, Mike Byers published his first book, World's Greatest Mint Errors, which received the NLG Award for Best World Coin Book.

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