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Morgan Dollars for Every Collector: Introducing the Morgan 50 – Part II


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A Collection of Morgan Dollars Everyone Can Complete

Coin dealer and numismatic author Russ Augustin (AU Capital ManagementRARCOA) joins Charles Morgan to discuss an innovative new set-collecting idea for Morgan dollars.

Designed to fit the budget of every collector but still offer a longterm challenge and collecting goal, The Morgan 50 is comprised of fifty uncirculated Morgan dollars struck from 1878 to 1921. In certified MS63 grades, each coin has a retail value of between $75 and $400 USD, with most averaging under $125.

“With part two of our series of fifty coins, we focus on Morgan dollars struck at the New Orleans Mint,” says Augustin.

“One of the original three Southern branch mints, the New Orleans Mint was the only one to reopen after the Civil War,” says CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan. “Its coins flowed from the Big easy all the way up the Mississippi River. Those that were spent have stories to tell and those that were saved in uncirculated condition represent value for the collector.”

Part II: The New Orleans Strikes

Sixteen coins make up the New Orleans Mint portion of the Morgan 50. Starting in 1879 and continuing through the 1890s and early 1900s, this set is distinctive in the character of the coins and the unique role in history this southern mint played in the producing the money that was used by everyday Americans in the decades following the conclusion of the American Civil War.

  • 1879-O
  • 1881-O
  • 1882-O
  • 1883-O
  • 1884-O
  • 1885-O
  • 1887-O
  • 1888-O
  • 1890-O
  • 1898-O
  • 1899-O
  • 1900-O
  • 1901-O
  • 1902-O
  • 1904-O

The Morgan 50 Set will be discussed in three video episodes:

  • Part I: The Philly Strikes
  • Part II: New Orleans Strikes
  • Part III: San Francisco, Carson City, and Denver Strikes

You can also watch the complete series on our YouTube channel.

Charles Morgan
Charles Morgan
Charles Morgan is an award-winning numismatic author and the editor and publisher of CoinWeek.com. Along with co-author Hubert Walker, he has written for CoinWeek since 2012, as well as the "Market Whimsy" column for The Numismatist and the book 100 Greatest Modern World Coins (2020) for Whitman Publishing. From 2021-2023, Charles served as Governor of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), where he was bestowed the Glenn Smedley Award. Charles is a member of numerous numismatic organizations, including the American Numismatic Society (ANS) and the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG).

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