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Netherlands to Issue 2022 Gold Ducats by Reservation Only

Netherlands to Issue 2022 Gold Ducats by Reservation Only

Orders Accepted Until May 27. After That Date, Mintage Will Be Set & Reservations Can No Longer Be Guaranteed


By Coin & Currency Institute ……
The Dutch Gold Ducat and Double Gold Ducat are appearing in another variation of their traditional, classic design for their 2022 issue from the Royal Dutch Mint. The first Gold Ducat with the legendary standing knight was struck in Holland under the United Provinces in 1586. The first Double Ducat came from the province of Friesland in 1612. The Dutch Kingdom continued the practice.

The coin has always had the same basic obverse of a standing knight accompanied by an ornately inscribed tablet on the reverse. The only variations reflect artistic liberties taken by mint engravers. The coins are based on the design of the engraver Johan Willem Marmé, the die cutter at the Utrecht Mint from 1763 to 1795. Marmé’s present-day successors in Utrecht have taken his original design, characterized by a distinct helmet and accurate, detailed buttons on the knight’s outfit, and adapted it to the requirements of 21st-century minting.

The 2022 issues are the start of a new series highlighting the commodities that played an important role in Dutch trade history during the Ducat era.

This year it is the wine trade with the Baltic Sea area. It is depicted by a bunch of grapes at the top of the reverse. Holland brought French and Portuguese wine to the Baltic Sea region and received wood, grain, and salt in return. With the goods and wealth that Holland gained from this lucrative trade, they were able to expand the Dutch East India Company and build ships to further strengthen their trading position. That is why trade with the Baltic Sea region is also called the mother of all trade: it was the beginning of great prosperity and flourishing international trade in Holland.

The obverse shows the traditional knight in armor with arrows. The Latin phrase Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt is engraved: “Small things flourish by concord”, better known as “Unity makes Strength”. On the reverse, the Latin Mo. Aur. Reg. Belgii Ad Legem Imperii is found: “Gold coin of the Kingdom of the Netherlands by law of the Empire”.

The mintage last year was smaller than the year before and these coins are becoming harder and harder to find.

The coins are made of the long-time Dutch ducat standard of .983 fine gold. The single Gold Ducat weighs 3.494 grams and is 21 mm in diameter. It can be reserved for $425.00 USD. The 26 mm Double Gold Ducat weighs 6.988 grams and costs $725.00. Both are in wood cases with numbered certificates.

The single Gold Ducat and its companion coin, the Double Gold Ducat, are both minted only in Proof quality and are being offered on a reservation-only basis until May 27. Sales will then close and the mintage will be restricted by the Mint to the number of orders received. In 2021 the issued amounts were 895 Gold Ducats and only 762 Double Ducats.

The Mint advises that delivery will be in October. The coins will only be charged to buyers when they are shipped.

Orders are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until May 27, 2022. For more information on the coins or to order visit the links above or contact the Coin & Currency Institute, P.O. Box 399, Williston, VT 05495. Toll-free: 1-800-421-1866. Fax: 802-536-4787. E-mail: [email protected]. Add $7.50 per order for insured Priority Mail. Vermont residents should add 6% sales tax. Major credit cards are accepted.

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