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New 10 Euro Bank Note: Second Issue in the Europa Series Released

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New 10 Euro Bank Note: Second Issue in the Europa Series

Today the European Central Bank (ECB) issued new 10-euro bank notes. The new notes feature an updated design and additional security features. The new 10 euro note is the second issue in the new Europa series, which replaces the Eurozone’s first series that debuted with the official launch of the multinational currency in 2002.

The first of the new series, the five-euro note, was released on May 2, 2013.

euro10featureThe new €10 note’s design is similar to the original, with its arched window and bridge motifs, but the perspectives are slightly changed. So, too, is the engraving.

The European Central Bank boasts that people can easily discern the new notes as genuine and encourages Europeans to “Feel, Look, and Tilt” the newly released currency.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new note’s enhanced security features.

The note’s front:

  • A security thread is visible when the note is held up to a light source. The thread is located left of center and appears as a dark stripe. The euro sign (€) and the note’s value are printed on the stripe in fine white lettering.
  • A portrait hologram is located near the edge of the right side of the note. It features a portrait of the goddess Europa, as well as the euro sign and the note’s value.
  • At the bottom left, the European Central Bank has enhanced the security features in the note’s large “10”. The new “10” shimmers in the light and features a spectrum effect, changing from emerald green to deep blue.
  • Raised vertical lines are printed along the edges.
  • Old 10 Euro notes featured a window watermark. New notes retain that image but add a portrait of Europa.
  • The signature of European Central Bank President Mario Draghi appears beneath the Eurozone flag. Previously, the signatures of past presidents Duisenberg and Trichet were located to the right of the flag.

The note’s back:

  • The note offers a shifted perspective on the Renaissance-style bridge that appeared on the original 10-euro note. Intricate text and a graphical overlay bathes the back of the note in red and yellow. The map of Europe prominently featured on the first €10 note has been reduced in size and moved to the bottom left.
  • A large euro sign replaces the “10” in the right corner. A large, solid red “10” is now located to the right of the security stripe.
  • A multi-hued red stripe serves as a vertical border on the note’s right side.


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