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New Edition of Directory of Circulating World Coins Available in October

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All You Need to Know About the Circulating World Coins


Directory of Circulating World Coins by Currency Publications Ltd. ……
A specialist new publication provides details of every circulating world coins, taking in around 1,500 different global designs and denominations from the Afghani to the Yan and Zloty, providing an invaluable resource for the minting industry and for coin issuers.

The authoritative third edition of the Directory of Circulating World Coins provides comprehensive information on the composition, size, weight, edge detail and security features of every coin currently in use in every country.

In addition, lifesize images of the obverse and reverse of each coin are accompanied by design and motif descriptions, along with dates of first and last known years of minting.

Published by Currency Publications Ltd., the new edition of circulating world coins is a fully updated version of the previous directory issued in 2016, since when many coins in day-to-day circulation have undergone considerable transformation, combining unique technological innovations and security features with novel designs and materials.

Astrid Mitchell, publisher of the new directory of circulating world coins, said:

“This Directory is an indispensable guide to circulating coins, providing all the key information in one place.

“It has often been said that coins don’t change that much, particularly compared with banknotes. But that is no longer the case and, since the last edition was published three years ago, there have been a number of changes – new issues, coins withdrawn, different compositions and designs.

“This Directory is the best way of keeping up with those changes, enabling coins issuers and mints to access all the necessary information in one handy source.”

As an invaluable guide and research tool, the directory is widely used by those involved in the design, production, issue, and management of coins, including central banks and treasury departments worldwide.

The latest edition of circulating world coins, comprising over 200 pages in an A4 format, will be published in October at the Coin Conference and will be available in both printed and downloadable PDF formats.

Further details are available at www.currency-news.com/publications/the-directory-of-circulating-coins.

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