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New Handbook on Swedish Coins and Banknotes Now Available

New Handbook on Swedish Coins and Banknotes Now Available - Coin & Currency Institute

By Coin & Currency Institute ……
A new book on all the coins of Sweden from 995 to 2021 is now available in a compact, 512-page, full color, 8.25×5.75 inch format, and at a price of just $9.95 USD (plus $5.75 postage & handling).

Myntårsboken 995-2021 (or Coin Yearbook 995-2021), is by the Swedish numismatist and author Roberto Delzanno, who has also recently published Swedish Gold Coins 1512-2020 and Swedish Coin Book 995-2022, a pair of major works on the gold and other coins of Sweden and its possessions. This new book is a pocket version of these two, that while compressed, uses the same numbering system to easily identify the coins. Coin Yearbook is published annually with the latest price updates, new variants, errors, etc., in addition to the latest scientific findings in terms of attributions and re-attributions of coin masters and coin sites.

The book includes the following:

  • All Swedish gold, silver, and copper coins from 995-2021
  • Viking Age, Middle Ages & Modern Times
  • Comprehensive variant description with detailed pictures and explanations
  • Royal medals
  • The Riksbank’s banknotes from 1666 to today
  • Rarity description based on 50 years of statistics
  • Number of known privately-owned specimens
  • Provenance
  • Numbering according to Swedish Gold Coins 1512-2020 and Swedish Coin Book 995-2022
  • Concordances to older standard reference works

It also includes a selection of royal medals, and new for this edition are all Swedish banknotes from 1666 to 2021.

To save space and make it affordable, the book concentrates on pricing rather than long historical descriptions, and as such will be understandable to most of those who have a basic knowledge of world numismatics. Grading is based on the Scandinavian system in which 1 is Fine, 1+ is Very Fine, 01 is Extremely Fine, and 0 is Uncirculated.

This is the first time in Swedish numismatic history that there is a handbook in the market comprising all the above coins and banknotes with reference numbering and provenances. The author says that he “[hopes] this will be a significant contribution to the numismatic field. Also what I’m aiming at is to make my books easily accessible and affordable to widen the interest for numismatics.”

Myntårsboken 995-2021 (or Coin Yearbook 995-2021) may be ordered in North America from Coin & Currency Institute, P.O. Box 399, Williston, VT 05495. Major credit cards are accepted. Call toll-free 1-800-421-1866, fax (802) 536-4787, or e-mail [email protected]. It may also be ordered on www.coin-currency.com. Collectors and dealers outside North America should contact Roberto Delzanno at [email protected] or delzanno.se.

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