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Rare Coin Auctions: Newman Part II – The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Posted by Jim Bisognani for NGC Market Report ………

NGC-certified coins are realizing record prices and making numismatic history. The East Coast beckons – Whitman and auction action commands attention.

As this article posts, another great fall classic, the World Series, has concluded and almost on cue from Mother Nature colder temperatures are prevailing throughout the country. The holiday season is fast approaching–faster than usual by my reckoning as I actually saw a holiday themed commercial air during the World Series on October 26th!!! I guess it’s time to cut to the chase for retail merchants as they are definitely not taking any chances and are pulling out all the stops. Each year the notion of the holiday rush is conveniently thrust upon us earlier and earlier by the fiery advertisers. As November rolls in, an extraordinary run of rare and desirable NGC-certified coins are coming up for sale at major venues. There should definitely be ample opportunity for both dealers and collectors.

The East Coast calls November 1-3 as Heritage will be holding their US Coin Signature auction at the firm’s 445 Park Avenue location in the Big Apple. Over 4,000 lots featuring coins from the Geyer Family and Rohleder collections will be up for bidders’ perusal. NGC-certified key dates, conditional rarities boasting exemplary pedigrees are sure to elicit considerable excitement:1893_ha_nov13

  • 1942 Mercury Dime NGC PF 69 (Finest Known)
  • 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter NGC MS 66 FH
  • 1799 7×6 Stars Draped Bust Dollar NGC MS 65
  • 1934 Maryland Tercentenary Commemorative Half Dollar NGC PF 62
  • 1892-S Morgan Dollar NGC MS 61
  • 1893-S Morgan Dollar NGC MS 64
  • 1999 Silver Eagle NGC MS 70 (Finest Known)
  • 1875 Type III Gold Dollar NGC PF 66 Ultra Cameo (Finest Known)
  • 1861-S Paquet Reverse Liberty $20 NGC AU 58
  • 1908 Motto Saint-Gaudens $20 NGC PF 66

At the conclusion of the Heritage sale most professionals and serious collectors will make a beeline to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor as the Baltimore Whitman Expo will be a welcome sight November 7-10. Always a collector friendly venue, this last installment of the Whitman shows for 2013 is sure to be a great source for dealers attempting to solidify inventories and for collectors anxious to fill in some cavities in their collections. Several dealers that I’ve spoken to have stated that with no major shows over the last month, Baltimore should be booming with action. Of course most all attendees will be taking time to view the great and varied assortment of rarities coming up on the auction block at this venue. An eclectic blend of rare US coins and currency and world coins and paper money will be up for consideration in the Old Line State as the host auctioneer Stack’s Bowers will feature five live floor sessions commencing Nov 6. The fabulous Rarities Night will be starting a week from this article’s posting on November 7 at 6 p.m. sharp. A fabulous resume of NGC-certified rarities, many finest known, will be making an appearance. Take a close look at the following roster!

  • 1912-S Lincoln Cent NGC MS 65 RD (Finest Known)sbrrn_nov13
  • 1913 Type II Buffalo Nickel NGC PF 68 (Finest Known)
  • 1919-S Buffalo Nickel NGC MS 66 (Finest Known)
  • 1923-S Buffalo Nickel NGC MS 66 (Finest Known)
  • 1938-D Buffalo Nickel NGC MS 68 (Finest Known)
  • 1833 Capped Bust Dime NGC MS 67
  • 1874-CC Arrows Liberty Seated Dime NGC AU 50
  • 1916 D Mercury Dime NGC MS 64 FB
  • 1878-CC Liberty Seated Quarter NGC MS 66
  • 1897-O Barber Quarter NGC MS 67 (Finest Known)
  • 1904 Barber Quarter NGC PF 69 (Finest Known)
  • 1876-CC Liberty Half Eagle NGC AU 58
  • 1843 Liberty Eagle NGC MS 60
  • 1878-CC Liberty Eagle NGC AU 53
  • 1910-D Indian Eagle NGC MS 67 (Finest Known)
  • 1879-O Liberty $20 NGC AU 55
  • 1925 Norse American Gold Medal NGC Matte PF 66
  • 1903 Louisiana Purchase Expo Jefferson Gold Dollar NGC PF 67 Ultra Cameo (Finest Known)
  • 1903 Louisiana Purchase Expo McKinley Gold Dollar NGC MS 68 (Finest Known)
  • 1915-S Panama Pacific Quarter Eagle NGC MS 67 (Finest Known)
  • 1915-S Panama Pacific Octagonal $50 NGC MS 65
  • 1915-S Panama Pacific Round $50 NGC MS 65
  • 1922 Star Grant Memorial Gold Dollar NGC MS 68 (Finest Known)

Walking Liberty Half Dollar aficionados should have a field day as collectors and dealers vie for the following roster of some of the most desirable “Walkers” from the George Gardner Collection:

  • 1916-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS 67 (Finest Known)
  • 1917-S Obverse Mintmark Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS 66 (Finest Known)
  • 1921-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS 66 (Finest Known)
  • 1921-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS 65
  • 1928-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS 66 (Finest Known)
  • 1933-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS 67 (Finest Known)

At the conclusion of the Baltimore Whitman Expo it’s back to New York City as all eyes will be focused on Heritage for the long awaited Eric P. Newman Collection Part II Signature Auction on November 15-16.

Eric Newman Auction by HeritageThis will be a great numismatic event. I encourage not only serious collectors, art enthusiasts and history buffs, but everyone to view the catalog online and, if possible, to be there to view the phenomenal coins in person. Every coin is a treasure to behold; all have been painstakingly assembled by Mr. Newman over many decades. Even the most jaded of dealers has capitulated to the fact that this collection is awesome, groundbreaking, one which we shall not see the likes of ever again. The copper, nickel and silver US issues offer a truly mouthwatering array of key dates and conditional rarities, all certified by NGC. The sale will be held at the Ukrainian Institute of America’s Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion with the first session on Friday, November 15 at noon. The Platinum Night will commence on Friday at 6 p.m.

It is extremely difficult if not impossible to pick highlights from this event. I will, however, list several of my favorite exquisitely toned and preserved silver coins. Suffice it to say this catalog is one which should be viewed and treasured. Newman Part II is certainly the stuff dreams are made of.

1796 Draped Bust Dime NGC MS 66
A striking example of our first US dime. Totally original and pedigreed to the “Col.” Green collection. Newman paid $30 for this coin.

1796 Draped Bust Quarter Dollar NGC MS 67
This is truly hands-down the finest inaugural striking of the quarter dollar. Also pedigreed to “Col” Green it features phenomenal strike and coloring. This exquisitely preserved coin is destined to bring a record price. Newman originally paid the princely price of $100 for this coin. If we could only go back in time!

1851 Seated Liberty Quarter NGC MS 67
Finest known. Incredible concentric toning; the surfaces are superb!

1801 O-102 Draped Bust Half Dollar NGC MS 64
Another finest known pedigreed to “Col.” Green. This extraordinarily rare issue boasts exquisite strike and fabulous patina. Mr. Newman paid $90 for this rarity.

1836 Reeded Edge Capped Bust Half Dollar NGC MS 64
Although numerically not the finest known, this coin has fabulous eye appeal. The coin truly has life. Ex. “Col.” Green. Originally purchased by Mr. Newman for $25.

1800 Draped Bust Dollar Americai NGC MS 65
Impressive radiating cartwheel luster in the fields and satiny frost in the designs. Fully brilliant, this coin is the finest known of this variety and also certainly the most visually appealing. Mr. Newman acquired this fabulous piece for $50.

Numismatists have been rewarded with the opportunity to acquire some outstanding NGC-certified rarities the likes of which collectors, dealers and the entire coin market have rarely been privy to, if ever. Within the last 2 months, the Tacasyl Collection of NGC-certified Proof Gold made history on September 23 and now the Newman Collection Part II is certain to determine just how vibrant and strong the rare coin market truly is.

Until next time, happy collecting!

Jim Bisognani has written extensively on US coin market trends and values and was the market analyst and writer for a major pricing guide for many years. He currently resides in Southern California and frequently attends major coin shows and auctions.

Jim Bisognani
Jim Bisognani
Jim Bisognani has written extensively on US coin market trends and values and was the market analyst and writer for a major pricing guide for many years. He currently resides in Southern California and frequently attends major coin shows and auctions.

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