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No Buyer’s Commission for Hong Kong Champion Auction 22nd Anniversary Sale

See Us at FUN January 3-6 at Table 512 and NYINC January 11-14, Table 1802

By Champion Auction ……
Champion Auction’s 22nd Anniversary auction is scheduled to be held March 4, 2018; the consignment deadline is February 21,2018.


Champion Auction, Hong Kong’s longest independent auction house, is celebrating its 22nd anniversary with a special (Zero) No Buyer’s commission auction to reward its royal customers for their support over the past 22 years. This means that what you bid is what you pay, for this auction buyers do not have to Add 15, 18, 19.5 or 20%.

Champion has sold more USD one-million dollar Chinese coins than all of our competitors combined and its series of name collections–Chinese Family, NC, JC Lee, Ultima, Charles Tanant, W&B Capital, and Giant Collection–established many vintage and modern Chinese coin records. So please contact us for consignment to this special auction.

Please contact Michael Chou by email at [email protected] or by fax at (852) 3007-4311, or call Jerica at (+1) 941-952-0100; email: [email protected].

Visit our website www.cghka.com for more information.

* * *


佛罗里达钱币展1月3-6日 冠军展位512
纽约钱币展1月11-14日 冠军展位1802




冠军拍卖卖出超过100万美元的中国钱币,超过竞争对手的总和,有许多知名的钱币藏品系列如华人家族、NC、JC Lee、Ultima,查尔斯·谭安,W&B Capital,Giant Collection 出品的珍稀中国古钱币和近代机制币。如果您有藏品想委托我们拍卖,欢迎与我们联系。

想了解关于冠军拍卖的更多资讯可联系周迈可先生,邮箱:[email protected] 电话:852-68770059 1-6462709988 86-13701793363 86-21-62130771 传真:852-3007-4311 或联系 Jerica 电话: (+1) 941-952-0100 邮箱: [email protected].


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