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Numismatic Quick Hits: 1922 Peace Dollar Matte Proof + CoinWEEK’s New Spot Price Page + CSNS Exhibit Winners

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek….

1922 High Relief Matte Proof Peace Dollar Discovery

Sometimes it’s who you know.

At least, that’s the case for a California family that now finds itself in a position to cash in on two rare 1922 Peace dollar High Relief Matte Proofs.

The coins, known to the numismatic community only recently, were locked in a bank vault in Concord, California for years. They’d been given to the family by the daughter of Mint Director Raymond T. Baker.

1922peaceEach coin was kept in an old manila 2”x 2” coin envelope and marked “1 of first 20 struck – 1922 Given by Raymond T. Baker Sec. of Treas.” The “Sec. of Treas.” part is incorrect, since Baker never held that position. Instead, he was appointed Director of the U.S. Mint by President Woodrow Wilson, in which position he served from March 1917 until March 1922.

PCGS has authenticated and certified the two dollars PR-67 and PR-64. The PR-67 is the finest known example graded by PCGS. The PR-64 is one of three at this level.

The discovery of these two 1922 High Relief Matte Proofs brings the total known of this rare and important issue to about 12 (estimates vary). The coins, valued at between $200,000 and $400,000 each, will be offered by the Goldberg’s at their Pre-Long Beach Auction, to be held June 1-3 of this year.

For more information, contact the auctioneer at Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins and Collectibles, Inc. You can call toll free at 1-800-978-2646, or write them at 11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 800, Los Angeles, CA 90064. You can also visit their website at http://www.goldbergcoins.com.


CoinWEEK’s New Spot Price Page

If you haven’t already, check out CoinWEEK’s Coin Prices & Values Page. We’ve added several new features that you might find very helpful when dealing with gold and silver coins.

coinweekbullionAt the top of the page are spot pricing graphs for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that update every five minutes.

Scroll down and you’ll see bid and ask prices for popular gold and silver bullion products, such as American gold and silver Eagles, Canadian Maples, Chinese Pandas, South African Krugerrands and key private mint issues.

We’ve also built a new table that lists melt values for pre-1934 US gold coins and pre-1965 US silver coins by denomination. You’ll find current market prices as well, with listings for NGC/PCGS certified generic U.S. gold by type in grades MS-63 through MS-66 and a separate table that provides bid prices for CAC-certified generic U.S. gold.

Finally, we’ve included two tables for European and World gold coins, providing melt value and current bid and ask prices.

So please, bookmark our newly-designed Coin Prices & Values Page so this handy information is always at your fingertips.


CSNS Exhibit Winners

The Central States Numismatic Society wrapped up its 75th Annual Convention with a golden awards ceremony for exhibit winners. 51 individuals–11 of whom were first-time exhibitors–from 16 states participated.

There were 71 competitive exhibits in total, covering nine distinct categories. Four non-competitive exhibits also made a showing.

First place winners received a plaque containing one ½ ounce American gold eagle. Second place winners were awarded a plaque containing one ¼ ounce American gold eagle. Third place received a plaque containing one 1/10 ounce American gold eagle.

The winners were as follows:

U.S. Coins

  1. Thomas J. Uram, The Historically Significant Two Cent Piece 1864-1872
  2. David Rowbotham, 50 U.S. Piece Matched Commemorative Coin Set
  3. Jeffrey Rosinia, 50 Years of Kennedy Half Dollars

Foreign Coins Prior to 1500

  1. James Cain, The Face of Medusa
  2. Donald Dool, AD Dated Copper Coins of the Fifteenth Century
  3. Bruce Bartelt, From Croesus to Caesar

Foreign Coins After 1500

  1. Thomas E. Havelka, Numerical Numismatics: My Collection of Denominational Amounts from 1/600th to 50 Million
  2. Donald Dool, Copper Coins of Conflict
  3. Leon Saryan, Ph.D., Two Thousand Years of Armenian Statehood


  1. Mitch Ernst, The Sower of Hope and Hard Work
  2. Leon Saryan, Ph.D., Armenia’s Agony: Commemorative Medals of the 1915 Armenian Genocide
  3. Donald Dool, Victories of Jose de San Martin
CSNS Exhibit Winners Diana and Adrian Jellinek.

All U.S. Paper Money

  1. Mack Martin, State of Georgia Errors
  2. Dennis Schafluetzel, Wills Valley and Chattanooga Railroad Scrip
  3. Dan Freeland, Selected Michigan Nationals from Port Huron

All Foreign Paper Money

  1. Donald Dool, Nineteenth Century Latin American Scripophily
  2. Dan Freeland, Selected Canadian War Savings Certificates and Victory Loan Bonds
  3. John Wilson, Ming Dynasty Note


  1. Darrell Luedtke, The Origins of the F Wooden Money of the United States
  2. Diana Jellinek, Exploder Control Rise and Fall of Company Store Trade Money
  3. T.E. Klunzinger, Eugen Sandow and the Chocolate Factory


  1. Mack Marin, Baby Bonds
  2. David Hunsicker, Savings Banks of Milwaukee
  3. Jeffrey Bercovitz, Indiana’s Flat Wooden Nickels


  1. Jason Paonessa, The David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project
  2. Anthona Paonessa, Wampum: America’s First Small Change
  3. Adrian Jellinek, Specially Chosen U.S. Dime Type Set with Additional Highlight on Varieties 1807-Present

People’s Choice Award… In Memory of John Burns

  • Tony Cass, The World’s Columbian Exposition, the Chicago World’s Fair 1893

Best in Show

  • Mack Martin, Baby Bonds

Most Educational: John Jay Pittman Award

  • Gavin Burseth, Celebrating a Century of Honor-Boy Scout Medallions, Coins and Tokens

Best Exhibit by a First Time CSNS Exhibitor: Joseph and Morton Stack Award

  • Mitch Ernst, The Sower Symbol of Hope and Hard Work
Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker
Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker
Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker have been contributing authors on CoinWeek since 2012. They also wrote the monthly "Market Whimsy" column and various feature articles for The Numismatist and the book 100 Greatest Modern World Coins (2020) for Whitman Publishing.

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