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USPS: Coins Stolen in Transit – California to Louisiana

On May 16, 2022, a package was sent Priority Express mail from California to Hammond, Louisiana. On May 18, 2022, the package was delivered to the recipient with the package cut open, re-taped, and the contents removed.

The coin pictured below was stolen:

Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC) stolen coin

USPS: Currency Stolen or Missing – Nebraska to Florida

A package containing currency was shipped via USPS from Nebraska to Florida and was last scanned in Tampa, FL.

A PDF list of the missing/stolen notes is available here.

Dealer Inventory Stolen from Car

Dealer David Peter, the owner of Cornhusker Coin, was the victim of a vehicle burglary after leaving the Omaha, Nebraska coin show. The victim stopped for only several minutes when the suspects gained access to his trunk and removed the below-listed coins and bullion. The suspects were driving a blue Mazda and a gray unknown make and model vehicle. Suspects may have placed an unknown object in the door handle to prevent the car from locking. Video coverage is being reviewed to provide additional information.


  • 16 – 2022 1 oz gold buffs
  • 9 – 1 oz gold eagles
  • (7 – 1987, 1 – 2006, 1 – 1999)
  • 1 – gold Krugerrand
  • 61 – 1/10 oz gold eagles (tube of 2010?)
  • 10 – 1 oz gold maples (4 – 2022, 6 backdates)
  • 4 – 1 oz gold Rand refinery bars


  • 1 – 100 oz silver Volcambi bar
  • 32 – 2016 1 oz silver Canadian maples
  • 75 – 2022 1 oz silver Canadian maples
  • 43 – 100 gram silver Volcambi bars
  • 166 – 1 oz backdate silver eagles
  • 34 – 10 oz silver Unity and Liberty bars
  • 451 – 1 oz silver buff rounds
  • $78.25 face in 90% silver quarters
  • $125.40 face in 90% silver dimes

* * *

Please contact the Numismatic Crime Information Center’s Doug Davis if you have questions or information about any of the cases above. You can reach him at (817) 723-7231, or email him at [email protected].


  1. My sms 1964 and afew other coins were stolen from me in hey California I made a report which they didn’t seem important to them how do I get in the report to you guys in

  2. Never leave lots of valuables in a vehicle unless you have someone with you. Thieves look for the easy way to get something. Never leave boxes for trash pickup in front yard for everyone to see when it’s something valuable that came in the box.


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