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Rare Collector Coins Lead Summer FUN Offerings

An outstanding selection of collector coins highlights our offerings in the upcoming 2012 July 12-15 US Coin Summer FUN Signature Auction, to take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando in conjunction with Florida United Numismatists’ summer convention.

1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS-60The selections in this auction include a number of very popular coins in high grades. One of our offerings is a MS60 1893-S dollar, one of the very few mint state examples certified of this tremendously popular date. While the grade MS60 conjures a mental image of a coin without eye appeal, nothing could be further from the truth in this case. The surfaces show a few marks, but they are scattered and minor, and the strike and eye appeal are excellent. It would not surprise us to see this coin appear at a future date in a higher grade holder.

While the 1893-S dollar will undoubtedly wind up in the collection of a Morgan dollar specialist, another outstanding silver dollar, this one from about a century earlier, is more likely to be destined for a great type set. We are offering a 1795 dollar in MS61, and with the tremendous prices brought by 1794 coins, this becomes the only readily collectible date of the two-year Flowing Hair dollar series. In addition, this B-5, BB-27 variety is the most common variety of any 1795 dollar regardless of type, and as such is the most collectible Three Leaves example as well.

Another famous coin in this auction is the 1848 quarter eagle with CAL. stamped into the reverse. Many specialists consider this the first US commemorative coin, as the CAL. was added to denote that the gold used for the coin came from the California gold fields. Unlike other commemoratives, this coin was released directly into circulation, much like the more recent Bicentennial coinage and Statehood and America The Beautiful quarters.

A few of the many other highlights of this auction include:

This auction will open soon for bidding at HA.com/Coins.

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