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Record Auction Price Paid for QA Check Approved Modern Coin


By CoinWeek News Staff….
The viability of 3rd party grade verification for modern coins is being borne out as a flurry of auctions for coins verified by Coeur d’Alene, Idaho-based firm Collectibles Quality Assurance Company, LLC (QA Check) have started to appear on mainstream numismatic sales platforms eBay and Great Collections.

QA Check is one of two modern coin 3rd party grade verification services to launch this year, it currently boasts a dealer network of over 125, included among them: APMEX, The Argent Group, Eagle Eye Rare Coins, and Kagin’s.

On Sunday, May 10, 2015, an auction for a QA Check-certified 1966 Kennedy half dollar with a doubled die obverse (FS-102) brought a record $2,036.10 in a Great Collections auction. The coin is one of two reported coins graded SP67+ by PCGS and the only one yet submitted for QA Check certification.

The prior record price for an FS-102 from this date and issue was $853. That coin was graded SP67CAM and sold in September 28, 2014.

On eBay, a smattering of 2015-W American Silver Eagles graded SP70 (First Strike) by PCGS have sold for prices ranging from $115 to $140. PCGS SP70 (First Strike) coins without the QA✓ have been selling for about $80-$100.

QA Check claims that their firm has handled over a million dollars in modern coins since the company’s launch in January.


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  1. Just another money making scheme by a company looking to make a fast buck on the collectors who are gullible enough to pay QA a premium, because, in their infinite wisdom they deem a coin to be properly graded by a company that was over paid to do this in the first place.

    What a joke!

    • i agree. scam.even with the grading companies themselves. many 70 graded modern coins ,should have never made the grade.whos watching who really people are not totally putting their confidence in the system or the graders. if you need that extra reassurance,why ceven bother.


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