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Results of Künker 50th Anniversary Auction 350 of German and World Coins

Künker Summer Auction Sale #350: Popken Collection and Rarities From Germany

Dear bidders and coin enthusiasts,

On July 1, the 350th auction sale from Künker ended with great success! We would like to thank our bidders and consignors from the bottom of our hearts for the great trust you have once again placed in us!

We would also like to thank you for the numerous congratulations on our 50th company anniversary, which we are celebrating exactly today. The company “Fritz Rudolf Künker Münzenhandlung e.K.” was registered on July 1, 1971, which means that the Künker company has now existed for 50 years!

In order to be able to celebrate this anniversary with you in a fitting manner, we had actually postponed the auction by one week and placed it in this exact week. A big celebration was planned for you our dear customers tomorrow. Unfortunately, for well-known reasons, this planned event had to be canceled, so that we only were able to celebrate in a small circle. Therefore, we were especially pleased that many of our dear customers and colleagues congratulated us on the anniversary.

We were especially pleased that we were again able to welcome customers back in the room for this sale. Unfortunately, this was not possible since the last summer auction sale in June of 2020. That you nevertheless remained loyal to us and participated in our sales makes us feel incredibly honored.

The lively participation in the auction room, on the phones, via the internet, and by written pre-bids resulted in a total hammer price of 8.3 million euros (about $9.83 million USD), well above the estimate of 5.8 million euros.

The full list of results can already be viewed – click here for the PDF. And as always, we have listed some particularly noteworthy results below. We look forward to welcoming you to our fall auctions in Osnabrück on September 27. There you can already expect a nice ensemble of numismatic highlights from all over the world – among others the second part of the Tesmer Collection with rarities from Prussia as well as the Schwarz Collection with more than 1,000 mainly German gold coins.

Thank you again and best regards from Osnabrueck

Your Künker Team

Selected Highlights from Künker Auction 350

Lot number 5
Belgium. Brabant.
Franz I, 1745-1765.
10 Souverain d’or 1751, Antwerpen.
Estimate: 100,000 euros, Hammer price: 120,000 euros.

Lot number 96
Sigismund III, 1587-1632.
Ducat 1630, Bromberg.
Estimate: 30,000 euros, Hammer price: 65,000 euros.

Lot number 227
Holy Roman Empire
Ferdinand II, 1592-1618-1637.
Ducat 1630, Prague.
Estimate: 8,000 euros, Hammer price: 30,000 euros.

Lot number 234
Holy Roman Empire
Leopold I, 1657-1705.
5 Ducats 1690 (year in the dies changed from 1684) IAN, Graz.
Estimate: 75,000 euros, Hammer price: 95,000 euros.

Lot number 244
Holy Roman Empire
Josef II, 1765-1790.
3 Ducats 1778 E, Karlsburg.
Estimate: 60,000 euros, Hammer price: 70,000 euros.

Lot number 262
Archbishopric of Salzburg
Paris von Lodron, 1619-1653.
4 Ducats 1628, on the consecration of the new cathedral.
Estimate: 12,500 euros, Hammer price: 48,000 euros.

Lot number 426
Bishopric of Luebeck
Johann Adolf, Count of Holstein-Gottorp, 1586-1607.
1/2 Portugaleser (5 Ducats) n. d.
Estimate: 25,000 euros, Hammer price: 40,000 euros.

Lot number 465
City of Nuremberg
6 Ducats 1698, on the anniversary of the Peace of Rijswijk.
Estimate: 75,000 euros, Hammer price: 120,000 euros.

Lot number 528
Ernst Ludwig I, 1706-1724.
5 Ducats 1724, on his death.
Estimate: 15,000 euros, Hammer price: 24,000 euros.

Lot number 530
Johann Christian and Georg Rudolf, 1602-1621.
4 Ducats 1610 CT, Reichenstein.
Estimate: 30,000 euros, Hammer price: 38,000 euros.

Lot number 610
Friedrich Ulrich, 1613-1634.
Löser in the weight of 3 Reichstaler 1624, Andreasberg.
Estimate: 25,000 euros, Hammer price: 55,000 euros.

Lot number 612
August the Younger, 1635-1666.
Löser in the weight of 10 Reichstaler 1638 Zellerfeld, on the imperial confirmation of the succession.
Estimate: 150,000 euros, Hammer price: 240,000 euros.

Lot number 620
Rudolf August, 1666-1685.
Löser in the weight of 6 Reichstaler 1679, Zellerfeld.
Estimate: 50,000 euros, Hammer price: 125,000 euros.

Lot number 624
Ferdinand Albrecht I, 1667-1687.
Löser zu 4 Reichstalern 1670 Clausthal, on the death of his son Leopold Carl.
Estimate: 125,000 euros, Hammer price: 140,000 euros.

Lot number 640
Georg Wilhelm, 1648-1665.
Löser in the weight of 4 Reichstaler 1661, Zellerfeld.
Estimate: 40,000 euros, Hammer price: 65,000 euros.

Lot number 644
Bishopric of Osnabrück
Ernst August I von Braunschweig-Lüneburg, 1662-1698.
Löser in the weight of 5 Reichstalern n.d. (1662), Zellerfeld.
Estimate: 40,000 euros, Hammer price: 60,000 euros.

Lot number 763
City of Augsburg
Bronze cast medal 1518, by Hans Schwarz, on Jakob Fugger.
Estimate: 5,000 euros, Hammer price: 32,000 euros.

Lot number 1164
City of Goslar
Taler 1531.
Estimate: 20,000 euros, Hammer price: 34,000 euros.

Lot number 1358
East Frisia
Ulrich II, 1628-1648.
Double Reichstaler n. d. (1631), Esens.
Estimate: 30,000 euros, Hammer price: 44,000 euros.

Lot number 1454
Friedrich August I, 1694-1733 (August the Strong).
Hexagonal Reichstalerklippe 1719, Dresden, by the Schnepper Society, on the shooting on the occasion of the marriage of his son, Elector Prince Frederick August (later Frederick August II and August III of Poland, respectively), to Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria.
Estimate: 15,000 euros, Hammer price: 28,000 euros.

Result List and Unsold Lots

Were your bids successful? Are you the winner of one or more lot numbers? You can acquire all lots which were not sold during the auction at the estimate from our auction.

You can buy the unsold lots in the Künker Onlineshop.

Here you can find the auction catalogs as well as the result list from the past Künker auctions.

As a bidder, you will automatically receive the results list and, of course, your newly-acquired collector items by mail. If you have not taken part in our auctions but are interested in our results list, we will gladly send it to you upon request.

Our Customer Service team looks forward to taking your call.

Phone: +49 541 96202 0
Fax: +49 541 96202 22
Email: [email protected]

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