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Results of Künker Spring Auction Sales of Ancient and World Coins

Dear bidders and coin enthusiasts,

The Künker Spring Auction Sales #347-349 recently ended with a very astonishing result, even for us. The total hammer price for the auction week reached over nine million euros (about $10.6 million USD) – and therewith almost doubled the original estimate of 4.7 million euros. This kind of increase to twice the auction estimate has not been achieved before in our sales and speaks to the strong success and the strong participation by all our bidders.

In total, more than 2,300 bidders from all over the world participated in the auction. Numerous other viewers followed the exciting bidding live via live stream on the internet. Regardless of whether you entrusted us with your coins and medals as a consignor, or participated as a bidder on the phone or online: we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the trust you have placed in us!

Due to the overall strong auction week, it was particularly difficult this time to select individual highlights of the auction. We hope that we can give you a good overview of the auction highlights listed below. All results can be found in our online catalog and the result list.

This week once again confirmed a trend that we have been observing for years: There is always particularly great interest when famous collections and series are returned to the collector’s cycle in our auctions. It has always been a special concern of ours to set lasting memorials to collectors’ achievements with the special presentation in our auction catalogs.

In these spring auctions, we were able to sell several collections at once, including the “Collection of an Historian”, the collections “Tesmer”, “Weise”, “Peter”, “Götz”, “Schmidt” – as well as further lots of the “Hanseatic Roman Friend”.

With the collection “Tesmer”, to which we have dedicated a whole special catalog with our number 348, the first approximately 1,150 items of this important collection of the German state Brandenburg-Prussia came up for sale. The collection is likely to be the most extensive and important to have been auctioned off in the post-war period. We are already looking forward to the second part of the collection, which will be dedicated to the coinage of the Kingdom of Prussia. Numerous individual results exceeded expectations by far, just to mention the first Taler from Brandenburg of Elector Joachim I. This great rarity ended up fetching a winning bid of 130,000 euros (estimate: 50,000 euros). According to our research, it is the first time that such a coin was sold above 100,000 Euros!

The interest for all collections was very high and individual hammer prices were often at a multiple of their respective estimates. The prices for these numerous collections improved anywhere from the factor 2-4 compared to their original estimate. We are pleased and happy with our consignors about this great success!

We thank you for the continuous interest and support of numismatics, which is so dear to all of us.

We are preparing a special auction for our 50th anniversary this upcoming June. We are still accepting your consignments for this special event until April 10.

Best regards,

Your Künker Team

Highlights of Auction #347

Lot number 165
Roman Empire. Antoninus I Pius, 138-161.
Drachm, year 5 (= 141/142), Alexandria (Aegyptus).
Estimate: 5,000 Euros, Hammer price: 38,000 Euros.

Lot number 365
C. Julius Caesar, † 44 B. C.
Denarius, posthum, 40 B.C., Rome.
Estimate: 3,000 Euros, Hammer price: 32,000 Euros.

Lot number 1001
Roman Empire. Augustus, 30 B. C.-14 A. D. and Agrippa,struck under Polemon I of Bosporus.
Stater, year 289 (= 9/8 B.C.).
Estimate: 75,000 Euros, Hammer price: 75,000 Euros.

Lot number 1171
Roman Empire. Septimius Severus, 193-211.
Aureus, 194, Antiochia (?).
Estimate: 25,000 Euros, Hammer price: 60,000 Euros.

Lot number 1232
Roman Empire. Maximianus I, 285-305.
Aureus, 298/299, Rome.
Estimate: 5,000 Euros, Hammer price: 34,000 Euros.

Highlights of Auction #348

Lot number 2341
Joachim I, 1499-1535.
Taler 1521, Frankfurt/Oder.
Estimate: 50,000 Euros, Hammer price: 130,000 Euros.

Lot number 2490
Silesia. Jägerndorf
Joachim Friedrich, 1603-1606.
Double Reichstaler 1606, Jägerndorf.
Estimate: 10,000 Euros, Hammer price: 42,000 Euros.

Lot number 2586
Georg Wilhelm, 1619-1640.
Thick four Reichstaler 1628, Königsberg.
Estimate: 40,000 Euros, Hammer price: 130,000 Euros.

Lot number 2625
Friedrich Wilhelm, the Great Elector, 1640-1688.
5 Ducats 1653 CT, Berlin.
Estimate: 15,000 Euros, Hammer price: 38,000 Euros.

Lot number 3086
Friedrich III, 1688-1701.
1/2 Reichstaler 1692 BH, Minden.
Estimate: 15,000 Euros, Hammer price: 55,000 Euros.

Highlights of Auction #349

Lot number 4168
Poland. City of Gdansk
3 Ducats 1647, with the title of Wladislaws IV.
Estimate: 5,000 Euros, Hammer price: 32,000 Euros.

Lot number 4449
Holy Roman Empire
Rudolf II, 1576-1612.
10 Ducats n. d., Prague.
Estimate: 50,000 Euros, Hammer price: 70,000 Euros.

Lot number 4590
Silesia. Jägerndorf
Johann Georg, 1606-1621.
2 Ducats 1620, Jägerndorf.
Estimate: 6,000 Euros, Hammer price: 30,000 Euros.

Lot number 4966
Johann Friedrich, 1665-1679.
Löser/multiple taler in the weight of 4 Reichstaler 1670, Clausthal.
Estimate: 20,000 Euros, Hammer price: 30,000 Euros.

Lot number 6481
10 New-Guinea Marks 1895 A.
Estimate: 15,000 Euros, Hammer price: 36,000 Euros.

Result List and Unsold Lots

Were your bids successful? Are you the winner of one or more lot numbers? You can acquire all lots which were not sold during the auction at the estimate from our auction.

You can buy the unsold lots in the Künker Onlineshop.

Here you can find the auction catalogs as well as the result list from the past Künker auctions.

As a bidder, in the next few days you will automatically receive the results list and, of course, your newly-acquired collector items by mail. If you have not taken part in our auctions but are interested in our results list, we will gladly send it to you upon request.

Our Customer Service team looks forward to taking your call.

Phone: +49 541 96202 0
Fax: +49 541 96202 22
Email: [email protected]

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