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Solid Serial Number 9 $10 BEP Premium Set Featured in Stack’s Bowers August ANA Auction

By Christopher DahnckeCurrency Auction Associate, Stack’s Bowers Galleries ……
Lot 20391 of the official United States Currency auction for the ANA World’s Fair of Money will feature a group of 12 Fr. 2031-A to 2031-L 1995 $10 Federal Reserve Notes that are all in Uncirculated condition. This is a district set and all notes feature solid “9” serial numbers.

Solid Serial Number 9 $10 BEP Premium Set Featured in Stack’s Bowers August ANA Auction

Rarely are we at Stack’s Bowers Galleries stopped dead in our tracks by something we haven’t seen before. However, such was the case when this solid serial number 9 Series of 1995 $10 BEP Premium Set was presented to us at a show earlier this year. We had never seen an offering of 12 matched solid serial number 9 notes before this set.

The $10 BEP Premium Sets were issued for the Series of 1995 and 1999. Each set included a hard-bound 24-page book displaying 12 notes with one from each of the 12 Federal Reserve District Banks. All of the notes in each set share matching serial numbers. Just 2,000 sets were issued beginning with serial number 99997999. This is the final set from the print run and features the following 12 notes:

  • A99999999Y
  • B99999999Y
  • C99999999Y
  • D99999999Y
  • E99999999Y
  • F99999999Y
  • G99999999Y
  • H99999999Y
  • I99999999Y
  • J99999999Y
  • K99999999Y
  • L99999999Y

Solid serial number 9s are the rarest solid serial number notes in the hobby as the BEP no longer issues notes up to that serial number range for general circulation. The Series of 1974 was the last regular issue series to issue solid 9s. The only other notes to feature this serial number are special issue BEP sets and some uncut BEP souvenir sheets.

All 12 notes in this set are wholly crisp and exceptionally printed. The notes in the set are broadly margined at the top and sides while each tends to be centered low with a thin bottom margin.

This is truly an unprecedented offering and an incredible opportunity for fancy serial number collectors. While difficult to estimate we believe a realization within or above our estimate range is easily obtainable with small size solid serial number 9 notes often breaking the five-figure mark in auction. Here is your chance to own an absolutely amazing item.

* * *

The Stack’s Bowers Galleries August ANA auctions are now available online for bidding. To consign your U.S. paper money & world paper money to a future sale, contact a consignment specialist at 800-458-4646 or visit StacksBowers.com. For more information on viewing lots or for assistance in registering to bid, email your inquiry to [email protected].

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