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Stack’s Bowers Sells ~$700,000 in Bitcoin, Physical Cryptocurrency

Stack’s Bowers Sells ~$700,000 in Bitcoin, Physical Cryptocurrency. Image: Stack's Bowers / CoinWeek.
2012 Casascius 1 Bitcoin. Loaded. Firstbits 1CSFguKQ. Series 2. Brass. MS-66 (PCGS). Image: Stack’s Bowers / CoinWeek.

$679,456 (USD) in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency coins was sold by Stack’s Bowers Galleries in the Physical Cryptocurrency Session of their Spring 2023 Showcase Auction. This set a new record as the single most valuable live auction of crypto coinage and also reflects a 40% year-over-year increase in prices realized compared to the firm’s Spring 2022 offering. Presented in the latest sale was a combined face-value of 11.53 Bitcoin, among other minor currencies, equal to approximately $325,000 at the time of the auction. With average premiums approaching 200% of face-value, bidders have clearly embraced cryptocurrency coins as desirable numismatic collectibles.

The Spring 2023 Physical Cryptocurrency session featured 302 lots including 168 Loaded with cryptocurrency and 134 Non-Loaded coins. These spanned the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin, ViaCoin, and BitCore cryptocurrencies and encompassed the most popular series including Casascius, Lealana, BTCC, Alpen Coin, Bitcoin Penny Co., Crypto Imperator, Denarium, 1HoDLCLUB, Microsoul, MoonBits, NastyFans, Satori, Titan Mint, and many others.

The Casascius coinage claimed the largest premiums and top prices of the session, led by a brass 2012 1 BTC that sold for $60,000 and a silver 2013 0.1 BTC that realized $13,200 and set a new firm record for the type.

Strong premiums were also realized by the Lealana series, including a six-coin set of Pattern 2013 Lealana Bitcoins that realized a total of $101,000 against a face value of approximately $57,400 (2.05 Bitcoin). The matching five-coin Pattern Litecoin set also performed well, achieving a total of $12,720 against an approximate face value of $3,822 (42 Litecoin).

Also offered was an exciting assortment of BTCC coins including a silver Proof-66 Deep Cameo (PCGS) 1 BTC that brought $45,600 and a 2017 0.1 BTC “Poker Chip” that earned $7,800. A 2018 0.001 BTC from the MoonBits series realized an astounding $1,200.

The Non-Loaded category featured several incredible rarities across the Unfunded, Redeemed, and Crypto-Themed types. Highlighting this category was an Unfunded 2014 Titan Mint 1 BTC in gold that sold for over 1.6x the gold spot price at $3,240. An Unfunded Lealana “Gold B” 1 BTC set a new firm record at $3,120, as did the Redeemed Casascius “Gold Rim” 1 BTC at $2,880.

For questions on the Spring 2023 Cryptocurrency Session or to consign your coins to a future auction, contact specialist James McCartney at [email protected]. Stack’s Bowers Galleries will be presenting additional offerings of physical cryptocurrency in their June 2023 and August 2023 auctions.

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