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Strong Results for Legend Regency Auction 51 Early Dollar, Pattern Collections

Strong Results for Legend Regency Auction 51 Early Dollar, Pattern Collections

Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ (LRCA) Regency 51, featuring the first parts of the Dale Friend Collection and Glorious Patterns Collection, took place on the evening of April 28, 2022. The sale began with the first portion of the Dale Friend Collection, including his collection of early silver dollars. From the day the sale went live, a record number of collectors and dealers started watching the sale and tracking the lots. For decades, Dale would attend coin shows, conventions, and auctions all over the United States, seeking out the coins that had “the look”. In those travels, Dale befriended many collectors and dealers, and it was obvious that demand for his coins would be intense.

“Dale was a real collector’s collector,” said Laura Sperber, founder of Legend Rare Coin Auctions. “He was a real friend and supporter of both Legend Rare Coin Auctions and Legend Numismatics. Once we saw what he had left when he passed, we knew the results were going to be very strong, especially in this market.”

Here are some of the highlights from the first portion of Dale’s Collection:

  • Lot 2: 1C 1925-S. PCGS MS65 RD. Realized $30,550.00
  • Lot 12: 25C 1905-O. PCGS MS66+, ex Pogue. Realized $21,150.00
  • Lot 19: $1 1795 2 Leaves. PCGS AU58, ex Col. Green/Eric Newman. Realized $105,750.00
  • Lot 23: $1 1795 Centered Bust. PCGS AU53. Realized $34,075.00
  • Lot 28: $1 1797 9X7 Stars, Small Letters. PCGS XF40, ex Eliasberg. Realized $30,550.00
  • Lot 30: $1 1798 Small Eagle, 13 Stars. PCGS AU58, ex Cardinal-Legend. Realized $205,625.00
  • Lot 36: $1 1799 8X5 Stars. PCGS AU58, ex Hesselgesser/Cardinal. Realized $41,125.00
  • Lot 41: $1 1800 10 Arrows. PCGS AU55, ex Hesselgesser/Cardinal. Realized $36,425.00
  • Lot 46: $1 1802 Narrow Date. PCGS AU58. Realized $38,775.00
  • Lot 50: $5 1809/8. PCGS MS64+. Realized $79,312.50
  • Lot 51: $5 1827. PCGS AU58+. Realized $79,312.50
  • Lot 53: $20 1881-S. PCGS MS63+, ex Saddle Ridge Hoard. Realized $29,375.00

After the Friend Collection coins sold, the auction progressed into type coins, silver dollars, patterns (anchored by the Glorious Patterns Collection, Part 1), and then gold and commemoratives.

“The Glorious Pattern Collection did far better than we expected. There were many collectors bidding and many of them were new,” said Jessica Berkman, newly named President of Legend Rare Coin Auctions. “The 20 Cent Patterns were especially crazy! Three lots, 326 (The Bass J-1356. PCGS PR65); 328 (J-1398. PCGS PR65CAM); and 329 (J-1404. PCGS PR65RB), estimated at $38,000 realized $95,175!”

Other sale highlights included:

  • Lot 137: 25C 1932-S. PCGS MS65+. Realized $9,987.50
  • Lot 161: 50C 1939. PCGS MS68+. Realized $49,937.50
  • Lot 214: $1 1881-S. PCGS MS67. Realized $19,387.50
  • Lot 234: $1 1884-O. PCGS MS62. Realized $3,055.00
  • Lot 247: $1 1885-O. PCGS MS65. Realized $8,812.50
  • Lot 384: $5 1802/1. PCGS MS64+. Realized $102,812.50
  • Lot 417: $20 1922. PCGS MS65+. Realized $18,212.50

Ms. Sperber concluded her comments on the state of the market by saying, “We consider the overall results being very strong. Generic gold, of course, was super strong, reflecting not just the strength of the numismatic market, but also the increased demand during these uncertain economic times.”

Legend’s next auction will be held on May 28, 2022, in New Orleans as the official auction of the PCGS Members Only Show. Anchored by the Dale Friend Collection, Part 2, the Oak Collection of Mint State $3 Gold Pieces, and the Glorious Patterns Collection, Part 2, this will be another amazing numismatic event.

The firm is accepting consignments for Regency Auction 53 (in July) and beyond. Talk to us about consigning your coins to our blockbuster auctions.

* * *

Legend Rare Coin Auctions (LRCA), based in Lincroft, New Jersey, is a boutique-style rare coin auction firm.

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