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The Artwork of Medallic Sculptor Don Everhart – Video: 7:41.

Numismatist Ray Herz offers this fascinating look at the career of medallic sculptor Don Everhart.

Everhart began his career as an artist for the Franklin Mint, where he worked until 1980. Since that time, he has designed and sculpted numerous coins, including the 2005 Nickel obverse (sculpt), 2005 California State Quarter reverse (sculpt), 2006 Benjamin Franklin Older dollar, 2006 First Spouse Martha Washington $5 (sculpt), 2006 Nevada State Quarter reverse, 2006 San Francisco Old Mint dollar (sculpt), 2006 Platinum reverse, 2007 Idaho State Quarter reverse (sculpt), 2007 Montana State Quarter reverse (sculpt), 2007-Present Presidential dollar reverse, 2007 James Madison Presidential dollar obverse (sculpt), 2007 Jamestown dollar obverse (sculpt), 2007 Desegregation dollar reverse, 2007 First Spouse Dolley Madison obverse (design and sculpt) and reverse (sculpt), 2008 New Mexico State Quarter reverse, 2008 Hawaii State Quarter reverse, 2008 Bald Eagle dollar obverse (sculpt), 2008 First Spouse Andrew Jackson’s Liberty reverse (sculpt), 2008 First Spouse Elizabeth Monroe obverse (sculpt), and the 2009 Abraham Lincoln dollar.


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