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The Coronation Gold Coin of Pedro I


by Giovanni Miceli for CoinWeek….
The coronation piece is a coin that was struck in 1822 to the coronation of Pedro I.

Regarding the creation of the coin, there are theories but no certain answer.

Of these theories, two are the most likely. The first suggests that the coin was created in order to be offered as tribute to the Catholic Church on the day of the King’s coronation. This was common practice among Brazilian kings at the time and the Brazilian and Portuguese noble class was deeply religious. A more likely theory, however, suggests that the gold coin was struck as a gift to the guests at the coronation mass. It is hypothesized that some of these were then spent, which may explain why a number of them circulated.

pedroi2For his part, Pedro I did not like the coins.

He didn’t like the design, which displayed his bust bare and with laureate; he preferred to appear in military regalia. He also disapproved of the fact that the coin’s inscription omitted the words CONSTITUTIONALIST and ET PERPETUUS BRASILIA DEFENSOR. Other details bothered him, as well. The coin’s design incorporated the royal crown instead of the imperial crown. The coin’s value of 6$400 was omitted as well.

It is believed that only 64 Coronation Gold Coins were struck, of which a surviving population of 16 are known. Six are in museums.

Coin Specifications:

Composition Gold (.917) | Weight: 14.342g | Diameter: 32.2 mm | Thickness: 1.25 mm | Rim: Fish scale | Face value: 6$400 Réis | Mintage: 64 | Engraver: Zeferino Ferrez

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