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Top 5 Modern Coins at Legend Regency Auction XVII


By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez for Coinweek …….
The upcoming Legend Regency Auction XVII that will be held at Harrah’s in New Orleans offers a robust array of 472 lots, most of which consist of classic U.S. copper, silver, and gold coins from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The May 19, 2016 auction will also include a handsome selection of modern coins representing some of the finest examples of their respective types. These include stellar representatives of the Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dime, Washington quarter, Franklin half dollar, and Eisenhower dollar series, which will be highlighted in greater detail below.

Lot 71: 1943-D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS-67


Wartime Jefferson five-cent coins, minted between 1942 and 1945, have long been popular as both a short set and as part of the larger family of Jefferson nickels minted since 1938. While Jefferson nickels may largely underrated, there are plenty of superb specimens in the series that hold their own. This 1943-D Jefferson Nickel, graded by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as MS-67+ with full steps, is an attractive coin.

1943-D is the most common of the Wartime silver nickels, and the overall quality of strikes for this issue is impressive. In fact, according to PCGS, the number of Full Steps 1943-D specimens outnumbers the population of non-Full Steps examples of the same issue. That fact shouldn’t mitigate the impressive quality of this well-struck piece, which features lustrous surfaces and a clear gold, pale pink patina.

PCGS has graded just three examples finer.

Lot 132: 1951-S Roosevelt Dime PCGS MS-68 Ex. Russell Shapiro


Like the Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dimes are another “sleeper” series, but specimens like this 1951-S dime can certainly drum up excitement among collectors.

This 1951-S Roosevelt dime, graded MS-68 by PCGS, exhibits deep luster and gorgeous sunset orange and deep green color toward the right obverse and reverse rim.

The specimen boasts Full Bands and complete details throughout, which help this coin rank among the finest known for the issue, with seven graded by PCGS and three by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). None are graded higher than this piece, which was once owned by notable collector and dealer Larry Shapiro.

Lot 186: 1942 George Washington PCGS Proof-68 CAC


This 1942 George Washington quarter earned a solid Proof-68 from PCGS and a sticker from the Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC), an organization that awards a special designation to coins they believe represent the best examples of their respective grade.

The brilliant mirrored fields on the obverse and reverse of this 1942 quarter are ringed with rainbow toning. A light haze in the center of the fields suggests the coin is wholly original and has not been doctored or artificially-toned. The coin is the finest of its type among PCGS-graded pieces, while there is just one graded higher by NGC.

A total of 31 examples have been graded Proof-68 by PCGS and NGC, while eight of those have been awarded a sticker by the CAC.

LOT 274: 1958-D Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ Full Bell Line CAC


This 1958-D Franklin half dollar was not only graded MS-67+ by PCGS, but it also has Full Bell Line (FBL) details and was awarded a sticker by the CAC. Appealing luster and radiant, smooth rainbow toning combine for delectable results, and the strong strike provides crisp details.

Not only are both horizontal lines along the bottom of the bell on the reverse fully evident, but also several other details that normally appear soft on most other specimens appear complete and bold on this piece. While PCGS has graded 56 specimens in this grade, NGC labeled 22, and CAC approved of 30 examples, this is the only PCGS MS-67+ FBL with CAC designation.

Such coins are great contenders for Registry Set submission.

Lot 363: 1974-D Eisenhower Dollar PCGS MS-67


Eisenhower dollars are the largest copper-nickel clad coins the United States Mint has produced, and these hefty pieces were struck by the millions with little regard for surface quality. Relatively few clad Ikes survive above the grade of MS-65, and beyond MS-66 they are virtually elusive.

This 1974-D Eisenhower dollar, however, was a survivor.

It is graded MS-67 by PCGS and appears to have earned every bit of that lofty grade; the obverse and reverse exhibit iridescent blues and greens with subtle rosy hues on the central reverse. PCGS has certified 16 total specimens in this grade, whereas NGC has evaluated eight – with only two pieces grading finer at MS-67+.

Gem grade Eisenhower dollars are among the scarcest of the business-strike cupronickel coins, and therefore pieces such as these usually trade hands for four-figure prices.

Modern United States coins have a lot to offer the discriminating collector. This grouping of five modern coins from the Regency Auction XVII illustrates just some of the many beautiful numismatic offerings for collectors who appreciate coins from the mid-20th century up through contemporary times.

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