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Top 5 World Coins that Sold in the Heritage Long Beach Auction

The following are the Top 5 World Coins that sold in Heritage’s Signature Sale in Long Beach September 18, 2015………

LOT #30144  – Korea: Japanese Protectorate – Yung Hi gold 5 Won Year 2 (1908)

ha_lb_world_1Sold: $64,625

Japanese Protectorate – Yung Hi gold 5 Won Year 2 (1908) AU55 NGC, Osaka mint, KM1142. Complete with harvest-tinged coloration and residual luster that is nestled within the protected areas, this rare gold issue features a beautifully-stylized dragon that clutches the pearl of celestial wisdom. Noted in the grade assignment are micro-surface abrasions, as well as minimal wear that evenly affects the highest points. Despite an original mintage of 10,000 pieces, only a very small fraction of that number exist today, and as such, this scarce issue is absolutely worthy of attention.


LOT #30130  – Jamaica: British Colony – Jamaica Authority of November 1758 gold Doubloon

ha_lb_world_2Sold: $44,650

British Colony – Jamaica Authority of November 1758 gold Doubloon (5 Pounds) XF45 NGC, KM11.2 (“unique”, this date unlisted), Prid-1, Gordon-1 (this date not recorded). Host coin XF and pleasantly toned, countermarks XF, thus quite exceptional for the type. A Mexico 8 Escudos 1741 Mo-MF centrally counterstamped on both sides with a floriate “GR” in a circular indent (same punches as those used to stamp the silver 4 Reales). As mentioned in our description of lot 24636 in our NYINC 2015 Signature Sale, nine or ten specimens of the 1758 Jamaica counterstamped doubloons were previously known, including a unique Mexico 1742 8 Escudos, the sole example from that mint that had been recorded up to now. Said 1742-dated piece – the plate coin in the SCWC for KM11.2 – is in lower condition than the present coin and was sold in 1970 for the then hefty amount of GBP2,300 (Glendining’s 6/1970, lot 867, plated on the frontispiece and described as “Very Fine and believed to be unique“).

LOT #30576  – South Africa: Republic gold Pattern “Tickey” 3 Pence 1898

ha_lb_world_3Sold: $39,950

Republic gold Pattern “Tickey” 3 Pence 1898 MS63 PCGS, KM-PnA23, Hern-ZP5. Plain edge. A most-impressive representative of this storied rarity, sheathed in captivating patina over both sides, with apricot color brightening the fields and yellow tone highlighting the centers. Commensurate with most low-mintage presentation pieces, the strike is complete and the fields display highly reflective luster, an attribute that not only enchants the eye with its dazzling quality, but also elevates the vibrancy of the overlying tone. Light past handling defines the assigned grade, but no individual instance of contact requires attention; in fact, while we’ve sold finer graded examples in the past, this example, in our opinion, surpasses them all due to its dynamic character. A truly wonderful coin, befitting the finest South African cabinet, and certain to thrill its next owner one view after the other.

LOT #30524  – South Africa: Republic gold “Fine Beard” Burgers Pond 1874

ha_lb_world_4Sold: $35,250

Republic gold “Fine Beard” Burgers Pond 1874 MS62 NGC, Heaton mint, KM1.2, Fr-1, Hern-B1. Mintage: 695 (for variety). While not nearly as recognizable today as the widely visible Krugerrand, within numismatic circles, there is little question that the Burgers pond is the most famous of all South African coins. Produced nearly twenty years prior to the second Pond of South Africa, the type was created in an attempt by President Thomas François Burgers to unite the circulating specie of the land and give purpose to its  recently discovered gold. This plan backfired however, and his creations wound up being more souvenir than coin, as they were originally intentioned. As souvenir objects often go, these coins were frequently mishandled, many times converted into jewelry keepsakes with holes or mounts placed at 12 o’clock. For this reason, few problem-free examples remain today.

Truly Mint State examples are far rarer, as most, with the exception of the aforementioned intentionally altered coins, at least briefly circulated; after all,  their purchasing power would have been astounding! The present example then, without question in that most elite quality category for this type, can be considered one of the few surviving “miracle-coins” of the issue. Entirely fresh, the fields and highpoints reflect a quality much finer than that designated by NGC, with essentially abrasion-free surfaces that retain exceptional flash. The strike is also impressively crisp on both sides, and although faint remnants of the pre-production planchet adjustments remain on the highest points of Burgers’ bust, their visual significance is limited. Apricot-gold tone rounds out the exceptional appearance. For the advanced collector who has been seeking the right example of this impressively storied issue, we offer this museum-quality piece for your consideration.

LOT #30006  – Guatemala: Central American Republic gold 8 Escudos 1824

ha_lb_world_5Sold: $30,550

Central American Republic gold 8 Escudos 1824 NG-M AU55 NGC, Nueva Guatemala mint, KM8, Onza-1751. Well preserved with reduced wear, partially lustrous fields with limited handling marks and well struck for the type with attractive old toning, the sunface particularly sharp and most pleasant. By far the rarest subtype of this very elusive and extremely popular issue and many times rarer than the 8 Escudos issued at the San Jose mint. Rare in any preservation, and very desirable in this technical designation, a coin that should deserve strong consideration from the specialist of this challenging series.

You can view the prices realized from the 2015 September Heritage signature sale in Long Beach by following the link Here

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