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Unique Treasures in Daniel Frank Sedwick May 3 & 4 Auction

By Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC ……
In this auction, Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC will host many rare pieces seeing their first—and possibly only—time on the market.

We’ll begin with Gold Cobs in Session I with a substantial selection of high-grade Spain escudos.

Lot 27 – the gold experimental 4 escudos dated 1591.
Lot 27 – the gold experimental 4 escudos dated 1591.

A particular highlight, in its own category, is the gold experimental 4 escudos dated 1591 with assayer initial C struck in Madrid by Miguel de la Cerda (lot 27). This incredible rarity, graded by NGC as Mint State 64, is the finest example among three known survivors. This coin represents the first official coinage made in Madrid, created using a new minting technique called “Ingenio de la Tijera” before the official royal mint was even established.

Immediately following, we have the finest known Mexico City, Mexico 1715 J gold cob 8 escudos from the 1715 Fleet graded NGC MS 65 (lot 28). This coin was originally sold by Frank Sedwick in 1988 and is now coming back to us 35 years later to offer to the next collector. Other Fleet opportunities in this sale include a “top pop” Cuzco, Peru 1698 M gold cob 2 escudos graded NGC MS 64 (lot 33) as well as a Lima, Peru 1712 M gold cob 8 escudos graded NGC MS 62 from the famous 2015 “Tricentennial Treasure” found off Douglass Beach (lot 35).

Lot 60 – the Colombian gold bar from the Maravillas.
Lot 60 – the Colombian gold bar from the Maravillas.

Our Shipwreck Ingots section hosts a fantastic find: a complete Colombian gold bar from the wreck of the Maravillas, sunk in 1656 off Grand Bahama Island (lot 60)—the only gold bar we have offered from this wreck. In a first for us, NGC, and the treasure market, we will be selling this bar encapsulated and authenticated in an NGC mega holder with Maravillas slab label designation. Other treasures include a gold “tejo” ingot from the Luz wreck (lot 61) and a Chinese gold “sycee” ingot from the “Nanking Cargo” wreck (lot 62).

Shipwreck Coins contains a bountiful selection of salvaged rarities – including one of the finest collections of high grade and dated Atocha cobs (lots 71-198) we have ever seen (dubbed the RWB Reference Collection, here published for the first time). There are many choice pieces from our popular shipwrecks like the Capitana, the 1715 Fleet, and the Vliegenthart, as well as the rare shipwrecks like the Vergulde Draeck, the “Jupiter Wreck”, and the Fame. Watch for our first time offering of a coin from the SB Pulaski shipwreck, a Zacatecas, Mexico 1835 OM cap-and-rays 8 reales (lot 361). Other US shipwreck rarities up for bidding include a denomination set of US gold and silver coins from the SS Central America (lots 364-376) plus a sizable date run of SS Republic half dollars (lots 381-395).

Session II of the Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure Auction starts with selections from the Clyde Hubbard Collection of Mexican coinage, a 250+ lot offering of rarities such as a Mint State Charles-Joanna 4 reales assayer G graded NGC MS 61 (lot 404), a Philip II cob 8 reales assayer O graded NGC XF 45 (the first circulating 8 reales of Mexico) (lot 450), and the unique cob 1 real Royal of Philip III assayer F graded NGC XF 45 (lot 560).

Mexico Silver Cobs features the finest known Philip II cob 8 reales assayer F graded NGC MS 62 (lot 660).

The finest and only graded Lima, Peru “Star of Lima” type cob 4 reales dated 1660 V, graded by NGC as XF 45, stands out in Lima Silver Cobs.

The Potosí Silver Cobs section is particularly attractive as we host several key rarities: the only graded 1700 F cob 8 reales Royal (lot 736), the 1726 Y cob 8 reales Royal of Louis I (lot 743), and the unique 1701 Y cob 4 reales Heart graded NGC VF 30 (lot 752).

The following day, we’ll start Session III – World Coins, with a variety of key Latin American rarities.

The Bogotá, Colombia 1888 “Cocobola” bust 50 centavos graded MS 61 and pedigreed to the Pat Johnson Collection (lot 874) is sure to attract attention.

The advanced Costa Rican collector will want to watch for the very rare 1917 GCR 50 céntimos without the 1923 counterstamp (one of just 10 recorded in 1917) graded NGC MS 63 (lot 896).

Two finest known Guatemalan coins stand out—the extremely rare 1778 P gold 1 escudo graded NGC XF 40 (lot 947) and the finest known 1801/797 M gold 1 escudo graded NGC MS 62 (lot 948).

We’re pleased to offer an absolutely gorgeous Mexico City, Mexico gold bust 8 escudos dated 1743 MF graded NGC MS 62 with prooflike luster (lot 980).

A star in the session is the impressive Cuzco, Peru 1837 BA gold 8 escudos graded NGC MS 63 (lot 1025) with a design once called “the most beautiful gold coin of the Americas.”

Finally, Daniel Frank Sedwick closes out the auction session with a key modern Venezuela rarity: the 1975 gold 500 bolívares graded NGC MS 69 (lot 1091).

Lot 1261 – the finest bronze Washingon / Declaration of Independence medal.
Lot 1261 – the finest bronze Washingon / Declaration of Independence medal.

Session IV begins with Medals and Decorations where we’ll host the fourth assembly of high-grade and rare Admiral Vernon medals from the John Adams Collection (lots 1104-1178). The section also plays host to such desirable pieces like the Gran Cruz knight’s badge for the Spanish Order of Charles III awarded to Captain General José de la Gándara y Navarro for command during the War of Restoration in Santo Domingo (1863-65) (lot 1100). An artistic medal commemorating the 1624 Dutch navy victories pedigreed to the José Toribio Medina Collection (lot 1201) is sure to attract international bidding attention.

California gold features prominently in US Coins and Medals as we offer a San Francisco Assay Office 1852 gold $10 coin graded NGC AU 58 (lot 1249) plus three San Francisco-minted gold pieces from the Saddle Ridge Hoard (lots 1213-1215).

Lot 1309 – a gorgeous Guatemala Banco Comercial 1 peso note from 1892
Lot 1309 – a gorgeous Guatemala Banco Comercial 1 peso note from 1892.

Following up on the previous Sedwick auction’s record-breaking sale, we offer the finest extant bronze George Washington and the Declaration of Independence medal made by Charles Cushing Wright graded PCGS SP65 (lot 1261).

A pair of Georgia Proof Bank Note rarities (lots 1275-1276) stand out in US Paper Money along with a unique Bingham Canyon & Camp Floyd Rail Road $10 note (lot 1280).

World Paper Money hosts several key notes, including the finest known Guatemala Banco Comercial 1 peso of 1892 graded WBG AU 58 TOP (lot 1309), a serial number 1 Banco de Guatemala 1 peso of 1896 graded PMG VF 35 EPQ (lot 1311), and the colorful Panama “Arias” 5 balboas specimen note of 1941 graded PMG UNC 60 (lot 1328).

View the entire online catalog, get registered, and place bids on the Sedwick auction website.

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