Usually, when you think of the term “crack-out game” you think of a collector or dealer anxiously resubmitted an already graded coin hoping that it will end up in higher grade plastic.

But what happens when you take an unknowledgeable rare coin collector / investor, $100,000+ in palladium ingots, and an NGC-graded 1850 double eagle $20 gold coin in MS64 PL (only one graded)?

As Maryland-based coin dealer Julian Leidman explains… a tragedy.

In our debut episode of UNCOOL COINS! we look at the 1850 double eagle that was…

Note: SHOT IN 4K. Click: “Watch on YouTube” button to watch this presentation in its full 4K presentation.

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US Gold $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle - PCGS MS64 - 1908 No Motto Current Price: $1453.68
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1914-S $20 Saint Gaudens San Francisco Minted Gold Double Eagle Coin Current Price: $1350.0
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1926 $20 St. Gaudens DOUBLE EAGLE GOLD COIN Current Price: $1368.0
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US Gold $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle - PCGS MS65 - 1908 No Motto Current Price: $1645.25
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1907 ROUGH RIDER HOARD $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle PCGS MS63 Gold Coin Current Price: $1800.0
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  1. If you are gonna publish an interview and a great one it is – the least you can do is spell his name correctly – Leidman! Not Liedman.

    Fascinating story of a neophyte numismatic investor who didn’t listen to wise advice.