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Greg Pineda – A Leading Collector of Philippine Coinage

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes …..

Coin and banknote collector. Born 1939. Died March 2022.

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Greg Pineda in 2012. Image: CoinWeek.
Greg Pineda in 2012. Image: CoinWeek.

Greg Pineda (born Gregorio De Santos Pineda) was a collector and neurologist from Bakersfield, California, notable for his collection of Philippine coins and paper money that he had built over the course of 40 years and which he sold through Lyn Knight Currency Auctions in 2012. Pineda’s collection was called “the finest Philippine numismatic collection that has ever been assembled” by Neil Shafer, author of United States Territorial Coinage for the Philippine Islands (1961).

Pineda was born in the Philippines shortly before the Japanese occupation of the islands during World War II.

In 1963, Pineda married his wife Ana, shortly after they both had earned their college degrees (Ana receiving a Bachelors in English, while Gregorio earned his degree in medicine). The newly married couple immigrated to the United States, where they settled in Baltimore, Maryland. There, they had two children.

In 1968, the Pineda family returned to the Philippines, where they had a third child.

In 1972, they returned to the U.S., this time settling in Syracuse, New York. Two years later, the Pineda family moved to Barkersfield, California, where Gregorio set up his neurology practice.

Pineda died in March 2022, along with his wife of 59 years.

CoinWeek Video Highlights Featuring Greg Pineda


At the June 2012 Memphis International Paper Money Show in Tennessee, CoinWeek’s David Lisot interviewed Greg Pineda, a collector who had just sold his historic collection of Philippine coins and paper money.

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