VP Ken Krah Extends Employment with NGC


Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®) is pleased to announce that Ken Krah, NGC Vice President and Finalizer, has decided to postpone retirement and extend his employment with NGC. Krah has been with NGC since 1989.

A top expert on world coin authentication and grading, Krah became a professional numismatist in 1979. He joined NGC a decade later as a grading finalizer for vintage U.S. coins, a field where he is also highly respected.

Krah would later spearhead the launch of NGC’s world coin certification program, which made NGC the first third-party coin grading service to certify coins from all countries. In his current capacity, Krah continues to provide direction and instruction to NGC’s expanding team of vintage world coin graders.

After more than 36 years as a professional numismatist, Krah had contemplated retirement. He ultimately decided, however, that he was not ready to leave at a time when NGC continues to see significant growth in demand for its expert services from world coin collectors and dealers.

“The world coin market is at a very interesting point in its growth and participating in that with NGC seems like an important opportunity,” says Krah. “Although retirement certainly has its perks, I realized that I was not quite ready to leave my passion for coins behind.”

Mark Salzberg, Chairman of NGC, was thrilled with Krah’s decision. “Ken’s world-renowned expertise is a major reason why NGC-certified world coins are preferred by collectors and dealers,” says Salzberg. “He has built an incredible legacy at NGC over the last 26 years. We could not be happier that he has decided to stay and continue to impart his knowledge on the next generation of NGC graders.”

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