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What Really Happened to the 1964 Denver Mint Peace Dollars?

Michael Lantz, Denver Mint Foreman, Retired, 1961-1995

There is the tale of a legendary Peace dollar struck at the Denver Mint in silver and dated 1964.

Rumors of this coin have been around for years. Was it really struck? Did any examples survive?

Michael Lantz worked at the Denver during the 1960’s and knows what really happened. He tells the story of how and why these Peace dollars were created and whether any have survived to this day.
Runtime – 3:47

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American Numismatic Association Money Show
Denver, Colorado

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  1. Well if some went to the “Assay office” and were indeed “sent to Washington” you can bet your bottom dollar that at least one and maybe a few still exist out there. Problem is whoever has them can’t reveal that they are.

  2. What about the ones that were sent to Washington, that triggered the phone call to Denver to stop production? Where did those end up?

  3. Im sure that their are some out their but their be like the 1933 20 dollar gold peice in 80 years or so some will surfice and mabe come up for auction and will sell for millions.


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