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Women of France: George Sand 2018 Gold, Silver Proof Coins From Monnaie de Paris

George Sand - Chopin - George Sand - Monnaie de Paris

Series Inspiration

In 2016, Monnaie de Paris launched a new series that pays tribute to French History through the women who have had an influence on various areas culture, such as politics and art.

This series uses the same historical strike that was used in the From Clovis to the Republic series and goes even further: the hammer effect has been replaced by textile patterns representative of the time depicted. This characteristic that brings an additional technical challenge at the time of the strike allows to enrich the drawing of each coin.

This series started with three famous women from the middle ages period: Queen Clotilde, Queen Mathilda and Joan of Arc. In 2017, three other historical figures were highlighted: Catherine de Médicis, Marquise de Pompadour and Olympe de Gouges. In 2018, the series will focus on the 19th century by honoring a French empress, a Queen of Sweden and a woman of letters.

George Sand

Born Aurore Dupin, George Sand (1804-1876) grew up in Paris. Thanks to both a popular and an aristocratic ancestry, she became a person with strong political convictions. Even if it were impossible for a woman to work during the 1830s, Aurore Dupin began her career as a journalist for the Figaro newspaper thanks to Jules Sandeau, her lover at this time.

George SandGeorge Sand counts among the most influential writers of her time. A strong advocate for women’s rights, she was committed to the revolution of 1848 until its excesses proved too much. Moreover, George Sand scandalizes due to her hectic love life, her masculine dress code and her masculine pseudonym. She was an active contributor to the intellectual life of European society at this time. She was very close to influential artists such as Honoré de Balzac, Gustave Flaubert, Eugène Delacroix, Victor Hugo and particularly Frederic Chopin – with whom she had a seven-year-long relationship.

The strong woman died in Nohant Castle when she was 72 years old.


The obverse of the coin features a portrait of George Sand wearing a masculine outfit and top hat. All of that surrounded by her dates and name. In the background, we can find a tapestry coming from the Nohant Castle, the writer’s house, acquired by her paternal grandmother. To either side of her portrait are the parts of her name, GEORGE and SAND. Below her truncation are the years of her birth and death, 1804-1876.


George SandThe reverse shows George Sand and Frederic Chopin during the time they were in a relationship together, inspired by Delacroix’ painting. In the background, we can find a music score composed by Chopin during this same time. Arcing around the couple are their names, FREDERIC CHOPIN * GEORGE SAND, and the year 1838. To the right of the central motif are the initials RF for the French Republic, and below are the denomination (10 EURO for silver, 50 EURO for gold), and the date of issuance 2018. Near the date is a cornucopia, the Monnaie de Paris mintmark. In a similar position on the opposite side is the mark of current Monnaie de Paris mint master Yves Sampo–a pentagon containing the letters AG, MP and YS.


The edge of the 2018 Women of France – George Sand Commemorative Coin is smooth.

Coin Specifications:

Country: France
Year Of Issue: 2018
Denomination: Gold: 50 Euro; Silver: 10 Euro
Mint Mark: Cornucopia
Mintage: Gold: 1,000; Silver: 5,000
Alloy: .999 Gold; .900 Silver
Weight: Gold: 7.78 g; Silver: 22.2 g
Diameter: Gold: 22 mm; Silver: 37 mm
Edge: Smooth
Quality: Proof


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