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Royal Australian Mint – Exhibit Explores Work of Designer Stuart Devlin

By Royal Australian Mint …..
The highly anticipated exhibition exploring the masterly work of Stuart Devlin AO, “The Designer with the Midas Touch”, has now officially opened to the public at the Royal Australian Mint.

Featuring stunning pieces created by the most prolific goldsmith and silversmith of our time, the exhibition sees richness and romance uncovered in the forms of a candelabrum, exclusive dinner settings from Devlin’s personal collection and the history of the designs seen on our nation’s coins.

Mint CEO Mr. Ross MacDiarmid said that as the first exhibition of its kind in Australia, The Designer with the Midas Touch explores the work of the influential artist who designed Australia’s circulating coins and was appointed as the goldsmith and jeweler to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“Every Australian carries some of Stuart’s work in their pocket, however may not be familiar with the full achievements of this great artist ultimately influencing the development of twentieth century art,” said Mr. MacDiarmid.

The Designer with the Midas Touch tells the incredible story of Stuart’s life, who credits the opportunity to design Australia’s decimal coins for spring boarding his career into the international arena, becoming one of the most renowned designers, goldsmiths and silversmiths of his generation.”

Free to visit, The Designer with the Midas Touch will feature specific highlights from Devlin’s career including an iconic place setting and candelabrum from his personal collection, the ubiquitous Wiltshire Staysharp carving knife and original sketches from where it all began.

The Mint will be offering tours of the exhibition with a guide holding specialist knowledge of Devlin and his work to explore his illustrious career in further depth. The cost will be $10 per person for a 30-minute tour.

A special collectible commemorative coin will also be released in Devlin’s honor featuring the never-before-struck ‘Kangaroo and Joey’ based on Stuart Devlin’s original 1966 concept for the nation’s circulating two-cent piece. While the frill-necked lizard eventually won out, this iconic image has stood the test of time, a testament to the immunity of great design and a true hallmark of Stuart Devlin’s enduring appeal.

This coin will be available to purchase ($12.50 each) in February but the public can register their interest now through https://eshop.ramint.gov.au/forms/sd-register.html.

For further information on Stuart Devlin’s career, visit www.ramint.gov.au/stuart-devlin-ao.


Royal Australian Mint
Royal Australian Minthttps://www.ramint.gov.au/
The Royal Australian Mint is an award-winning, world-class Mint and a global leader in the mint industry. The Mint produces circulating coins for Australia and other countries; collectible and investment coins for domestic and international customers; and custom-made medals, medallions, and tokens for individual or corporate clients. The Mint is also a national cultural attraction that educates millions of Australians and international visitors on the history of Australia’s decimal currency, and the significance and value of coins.

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