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U.S. Army 1oz Silver Medal on Sale Today

United States Army Silver Medal. Image: United States Mint / Adobe Stock.

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Today at noon Eastern, the U.S. Army One Ounce Silver Medal, the latest entry in the United States Armed Forces Silver Medal Program, went on sale directly from the United States Mint.

Collectors interested in both U.S. history and modern warfare should appreciate the obverse design, which features a soldier of the Continental Army firing his musket and a modern soldier in contemporary tactical gear with their weapon at the ready. Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) artist Lucas Durham created the design (his initials LAD can be found at the bottom on the left of the soldiers), and Mint Medallic Artist Craig A. Campbell sculpted it; his initials CAC can be found near the bottom to the right. Inscriptions include the legends UNITED STATES ARMY and SINCE 1775.

The reverse features the U.S. Army flag with streamers attached, each of which has the name of a major battle or operation in which the Army has fought. These include:

  • MEUS[E-]ARGONNE 1918
  • LEXINGTON 1775
  • ABEYANCE 2014 – 2015
  • LUZON 1944 – 1945

The partial inscription KOREA SUMMER is also visible on one of the streamers.

To the viewer’s left, behind the flagpole, words are inscribed, representing the Army’s core values. These include:

  • DUTY

AIP artist Emily Damstra (her initials ESD are at the bottom on the left) is responsible for the design, and Medallic Artist Renata Gordon (her initials RG are on the right near the bottom) sculpted it.

Past one-ounce silver medals in the United States Armed Forces Program include:

Medal Specifications and Order Details

Each matte finish U.S. Army silver medal has a diameter of 1.598 inches and consists of one ounce of 99.9% pure silver. The edge is plain. Housed in a small plastic capsule, each piece comes in a presentation case with a certificate of authenticity.

Priced at $75 apiece, there is no household order limit.

Armed Forces Medals are also available through the Mint’s Product Subscription Program. For qualifying numismatic products, the subscription program allows collectors to receive each year’s new entry without the hassle or worry of dealing with the Mint’s online ordering process. Shipments in the program continue until a customer cancels their enrollment. Visit the website for more information.

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