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World Coin Treasures in August Heritage Platinum Session

Summer is in full swing, highlighted by many numismatic activities–from conventions and shows to high-profile auctions and seminars. This includes the ANA World and Ancient Coins Platinum Session and Signature Auction from Heritage Auctions that takes place August 25-28.

The coins in this auction cross the globe and span the millennia, with numerous unique and finest-certified examples found throughout. Featured are three impressive and long-awaited standalone auctions: the Cape Coral Collection of German Coins, Part I; The Petropolis Collection, Part I; and The Historic Scholar Collection. Overall, this auction contains over 2,300 world coin rarities for your collecting pleasure.

The Cape Coral Collection

Session 1 on August 25 presents the first of three installments of the astounding Cape Coral Collection of German Coins. This first installment shows absolute and conditional rarities from Anhalt, Augsburg, Baden, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Brunswick, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Hessen, to name a few-with no fewer than a dozen pieces certify at MS67, with over 65 each in MS66 and MS65.

World Coin Treasures in August 25-28 Heritage Platinum Session

At the forefront of the sale is the finest-certified 1679 Taler of the “Great Elector” Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg, graded an astounding MS66 from NGC.

Next is a similarly fine one-year (1727) emission from the regency of Christiane Charlotte for her son Karl Wilhelm Friedrich of Brandenburg-Ansbach, followed by a near-Gem 1712 Taler from Brandenburg-Bayreuth, and a breathtaking, census-topping MS67 1819 Taler of Maximilian I (IV) of Bavaria.

World Coin Treasures in August 25-28 Heritage Platinum Session

A Prooflike MS66 Taler of 1738 from Hohenlohe-Kirchberg deserves further attention, as this type was missing from the Brand, Goodman, and Erlanger collections.

The Historical Scholar Collection

The collector behind The Historical Scholar Collection had three goals while curating this collection.

The first was to do a deep dive into specific issues, such as the denarii and tetradrachms of Marc Antony and Cleopatra.

Another goal was to seek out pieces with specific historical significance: we see this in the Octavian and Julius Caesar portrait aureus, struck for Octavian’s consulship months after Caesar’s assassination; the billon nummus of Constantine the Great with serpent and labarum, struck likely to symbolize the victory of Christianity over evil; and two Roman Provincial bronzes – Cadmus gifting the alphabet to the Greeks, and the Judgement of Paris.

The final purpose of the collection was to showcase the incredible artistry of the ancient engravers through high-grade examples of some of the most beautiful types. We are privileged to present some of the most valuable pieces alongside some of the most beautiful and interesting in this world coin auction’s second session on August 25.

The Petropolis Collection

The Petropolis Collection, as its name may hint, is worthy of a king – or emperor, in the case of Brazil – encompassing the early days of Brazilian coin minting until the fall of the empire and the start of the Republican era.

World Coin Treasures in August 25-28 Heritage Platinum Session

The main focus of this first portion of the Petropolis Collection was to complete the gold series, with rarities including the so-called unique 1731-M 6400 Reis.

Peppered throughout the sale are popular rarities from the Dobrão series, such as the 1724-M 10000 Reis, alongside other pristine Minas Gerais mint pieces like the MS61 1731-M 800 Reis and the MS63 1725-M 20000 Reis.

Amazing issues from the Bahia mint are on offer, including the 1727, 1729, and 1730 Dobras (12800 Reis), a series significantly more difficult to locate than either Rio or Minas Dobras.

From the Rio de Janeiro mint comes an outstanding and nearly uncirculated 1731-R Dobra and an early and elusive 1703-R 2000 Reis, one of the first coins produced by that mint.

While the majority of specimens originate from these main three mints, Petropolis includes two coveted representatives from Pernambuco, including the acclaimed 6 Florins Klippe issue struck under Dutch occupation. This collection will be auctioned as session 3 on August 25.

Platinum Night

Leading the Platinum session, session 4 on August 25, is a quintessential ancient masterpiece: a Syracuse decadrachm in Fine Style. This spectacular certified Choice AU treasure was struck from remarkably fresh dies, showcasing the smallest of details on golden-toned surfaces.

The World Platinum Session is anchored by a mix of classic rarities and issues that are seldom encountered in the market. One of the most impressive singular Japanese coins we’ll likely handle in the coming years is our Meiji Year 3 (1870) gold pattern 10 Yen in an unfathomable MS66, besting our Farouk/Jacobs example by two grade points.

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