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World Currency – Bahamas Launches New Banknote Family with $10 Bill


Central Bank Launches First Denomination of New Family

By De La Rue, plc….
De La Rue congratulates The Central Bank of The Bahamas on the occasion of the launch of the new $10 banknote, the world’s first circulating note with its Active security thread.

The new $10, launched today, has been designed and printed by De La Rue in close collaboration with the Central Bank. Using concept designs provided by the Bank, this note is a world first for a fully circulating banknote with De La Rue’s Active security thread and the first of a new family of banknotes that will be introduced over the next few years.

The vibrant new note portrays Sir Stafford Sands, a former finance minister who helped create the tourism industry in the Bahamas, and on the vertical back of the note the lighthouse at Hope Town, Abaco. The new security thread also appears on the back of the note. When the note is tilted, the colors of the sand dollar and the number 10 in the thread switch from light on dark to dark on light. There is also a color changing SPARK® Orbital ink in the butterfly on the front of the note.

Commenting on the launch, Governor John Rolle said “We are delighted to be pioneering the latest security thread technology and thank De La Rue for helping us with this first note in our new series.”

De La Rue’s Global Account Director Ruth Euling stated “We are honored to be working with the Bahamas. Our relationship dates back to 1938 and we are delighted to see one of our newest security features in this stunning banknote.”

Circulation of New CRISP Evolution 10 Dollar Note

By Central Bank of The Bahamas ……
In keeping with its commitment to refresh the design and security of its banknotes at least once every 10 years, the Central Bank of The Bahamas is pleased to announce the launch of its newest family of banknotes, CRISP Evolution (CE). The CRISP Evolution family will be released into circulation one denomination at a time, beginning with the recent issuance of CE $10 on Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

The description of the new banknote is as follows:

Predominantly blue, with various shades of green and pink, the banknote measures 156 mm long and 67 mm wide, bearing on the front a portrait of Sir Stafford Sands, the series, and a signature of the Governor of the Central Bank of The Bahamas, together with the words “The Central Bank of The Bahamas. These notes are legal tender under the Central Bank of The Bahamas Act 2000 for the payment of any amount Ten Dollars.” A watermark of Sir Stafford Sands with the numeral $10, a replica map of the Islands of The Bahamas, and the denominational value in words and figures appear on the left, with an image of a Yellow Elder flower in the centre. The back carries a vignette depicting a rendering of Hope Town Lighthouse, Abaco along with two flamingoes. The vignette is flanked above by the numeral $10, to the right by the words “Ten Dollars”, and below by the Coat-of-Arms of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas along with the words “The Central Bank of The Bahamas”.

At the time of publication, the Bahamian Dollar (BSD) is pegged to the U.S. Dollar (USD) at a one-to-one ratio.

* * *

Active and Orbital are trademarks of De La Rue International Limited.
SPARK® is a registered trademark of SICPA Holding.

About De La Rue plc:

De La Rue logoDe La Rue is a leading commercial banknote printer, security paper maker and provider of security products and software solutions and, as a trusted partner of governments, central banks and commercial organizations around the world, is at the forefront of the battle against the counterfeiter.

As the world’s largest commercial banknote printer, De La Rue provides customers with a fully integrated range of sophisticated products and services which are available either individually or as a whole. This includes a leading design capability, production of innovative security components, manufacture of security paper and polymer substrates, and sophisticated printing of banknotes, all contributing to trust in the integrity of currencies.

De La Rue is the world’s largest commercial passport manufacturer in an environment of increasing global concern over security at national boundaries and border control. De La Rue also produces a wide range of other security products, including tax stamps for governments who are seeking to combat illicit trade and collect excise duties. Other products include authentication labels, assuring purchasers of product validity, and government identity documents. In addition, the Group manufactures high-speed cash sorting and banknote inspection equipment.

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