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World Currency News – Paraguay, Turkey, Madagascar Introduce New Banknotes

Madagascar to Issue New Range of Bills

By Central Bank of Madagascar ……
Following Decree No. 2017-400, adopted in Government Council on May 23, 2017, the Central Bank of Madagascar (Banky Foiben’i Madagasikara, or BFM, in Malagasy) will start issuing a new range of banknotes this month. The first group was released July 17, consisting of the 20,000-, 10,000-, 5,000- and 2,000-ariary denominations. On September 18, the bank will issue the 1,000-, 500-, 200- and 100-ariary denominations.

During the press conference, the governor of BFM recalled the stakes of the emission of this new range, which represents a national challenge for the Malagasy economy.

In line with the international practice, BFM has decided to revise the existing banknotes that have been in circulation for more than a dozen years. A new range of safer, more modern and manageable bills will be available to users.

BFM seeks to anticipate and deter counterfeiting by producing notes with the best and most reliable security features to easily verify their authenticity. The introduction of the new 20,000-ariary bill is important, as it meets a pertinent need of the economy.

The new range is characterized by a harmony of graphic elements among all the banknotes of the series, to better facilitate their identification. The main theme of the range is the “Wealth of Madagascar”.

In order to (i) facilitate the appropriation of this new range of bills for the public, (ii) reassure users on the transition to the new range and (iii), anticipate counterfeiting and possible fraud, BFM mobilizes an important mass media campaign throughout the Malagasy territory:

  • A poster campaign in strategic and financial locations
  • Audio-visual communication on TV and radio channels
  • A traveling communication through the main cities of the island
  • Action on the WEB and in the written press

20000 Ariary - Madagascar Bank Note

The Governor urged all institutional and private partners, especially the media and the public, to join BFM in making this project a success and a cause of pride for Madagascar.

* Watch out for fake banknotes!
* Do not exchange your old bills for a lower monetary amount in new bills – they have the same value!
* Do not rush to divest yourself of your old banknotes – they will circulate alongside the new bills for a sufficient period before their withdrawal from circulation!
* The ariary is the currency of our country. It belongs to you, it belongs to us! Take care of your money and be proud of it!

At the time of publication, one Malagasy Ariary (MGA) trades for approximately $0.00034 USD.

* * *

Paraguay Authorizes Banknotes with New Security Measures

By Central Bank of Paraguay ……
The Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP) has authorized the issuance of “G” series tickets, ₲ 20,000; “I” of ₲ 50,000 and “I”, ₲ 100,000, which will have the same security measures as the previous series, with the only variation being improved security threads. These tickets have been in circulation since December 23, 2016.

Paraguay 20 Mil noteParaguayan banknotes have three levels of security.

  1. The first level, whose measures are easily recognizable by the public (e.g. security thread, watermark, perfect registration, etc.);
  2. The second level, which includes those identifiable with support devices used by financial institutions and large businesses (e.g. effects visible under ultraviolet or infrared light, etc.);
  3. The third level with security measures specific to the central banks that can detect said measures with specialized machines.

In this respect, the security thread belongs to the first level, so it is in the interest of the Central Bank that this new feature is quickly recognized by the public and thus help the secure and efficient use of cash as a means of payment.

At the time of publication, one Paraguayan Guarani (PYG) trades for approximately $0.00018 USD.

* * *

Turkey Issues Third E-9 Series of Turkish Lira Banknotes

By Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey ……
Within the framework of the authorization given to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey by Law No: 1211, the Bank has decided to issue E-9 Emission Group III. series Turkish lira banknotes, as they are printed. In comparison with the E-9 Emission Group II. series TL 100 banknotes that were put into circulation as of 24 December 2012 and TL 50 banknotes that were put into circulation as of 8 April 2013, only the signatures of the following denominations have been changed.

The signatures on the banknotes have been amended to include:

  • Deputy Governor Murat Uysal’s on TL 100 banknotes;
  • Deputy Governor Dr. Emrah Şener’s on TL 50 banknotes;
  • Governor Murat Çetinkaya’s signature.

The E-9 Emission Group III. series TL 100 and TL 50 banknotes were put into circulation as of 17 July 2017.

The above mentioned banknotes, apart from the signatures, will be identical to the I. and II. series banknotes with regard to their dimensions, obverse and reverse compositions, general features and appearances. The I., II. and III. series banknotes will be in circulation concurrently.

At the time of publication, one Turkish Lira (TRY) trades for approximately $0.28 USD.

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