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“$10,000” Susan B. Anthony Dollar in New Beavis & Butthead

Butthead inspects a Susan B. Anthony dollar. Image: Paramount / Adobe Stock.
Butthead inspects a Susan B. Anthony dollar. Image: Paramount / Adobe Stock.

The premiere of the second season of Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butthead revival premiered on the Paramount+ streaming network on Thursday, April 20, 2023, with two new episodes. The second episode featured a hilarious segment titled “Old Man Beavis”, where the two high-school rejects concoct a less-than-considered scheme to make Beavis look like an old man so that he can buy some beer from the local convenience store.

The shaggy dog story meanders away from the mission at hand and finds Beavis, with his coiffed hair and chin spray-painted white, as the center of attention at the Sunset Acres Assisted Living Care Center. After Beavis catches the attention of a “thirsty” senior, he finds himself sitting at the edge of her bed, on the precipice of scoring for the first time. Naturally, that’s when Butthead barges in and interrupts the proceedings.

“You were supposed to be getting us beer,  butthole!” Butthead says as he looks at Beavis, scornfully.

The woman is nonplussed and assumes that Butthead is “old man” Beavis’ grandson. She reaches into her pocket and hands Butthead a Susan B. Anthony dollar.

Beavis orders Butthead to scram, telling him that he’s about to score with this “weird old lady”.

Butthead asserts that Beavis is mistaken, telling Beavis “no way, she wants to score with me. She just gave me this silver coin that probably cost $10,000”.

From a numismatic point of view, the bit is funny because it invokes a largely forgotten failure of a dollar coin (although the “weird old lady” would have seen them circulate back in the day) and it shows that the writers of the episode had just enough knowledge of coin collecting to get all of the facts about the composition and the value of the coin wrong in just the right way.

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