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ANA Board of Governors 2021 Election Candidates: Muriel Eymery

Thank you for trusting me as a governor two years ago. In addition to chairing the Membership Committee, I actively participated in the Finance/Budget, Convention, and Outreach committees.

These tenures gave me further hands-on insights into the ANA’s challenges and opportunities, from weathering the association during this pandemic to supporting meaningful benefits, grassroots programs, online services, sustainability, and safety.

For two decades, I have learned from and interacted with many numismatic communities from different cultures and countries. This experience, along with my relationships and financial and business development expertise, is why I am today asking you to vote for me again to revisit our association with fresher and broader inclusiveness and outlook.

Today, our world of numismatics extends beyond the ANA’s borders.

Numismatics markets are growing fast overseas, and thanks to the internet, they are becoming closer to our home base. The younger community is also looking at the ANA as a leader in numismatics education and a bridge to diversify their local experiences and resources.

My international career has ranged from managing auctions and overseeing specialists in London, New York, and Hong Kong while at Spink to being the VP of International Business Development at PCGS for eight years, developing its activities overseas, engaging thousands of collectors and dealers, and setting up grading offices in Europe, Hong Kong, and China.

Prior, as B2B Director and Head Export Americas at the French Mint from 2003 to 2007, I learned from the modern global mint market.

Currently a Director at Alternative Collections Ltd., I advise collectors in high-end collectibles.

Speaking also French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese, having dual French and US citizenship, and being a permanent resident of Hong Kong are additional assets to market the ANA to a broader constituency.

As Governor, I will keep on striving to include more World numismatists and foreign partners to represent the rich diversity of our Hobby.

Extending our online educational offer, social media, and grassroots initiatives, revisiting our convention’s model to include more public and younger collectors, and generating new revenue and meaningful membership benefits are also keys to grow and diversify the ANA.

To be a leader at home and abroad, this is my vision for the ANA in terms of educational offers and more inclusive outreach grassroots programs.

Let’s reach out to a world of Numismatics, which puts you and the ANA at the center of it!

Muriel Eymery
ANA Governor

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