ANA Museum Road Show at Long Beach Expo. VIDEO: 3:05.

ana_roadshowWalter Ostromecki, Ph.D., President, American Numismatic Association
Interviewer: David Lisot, …….

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is the largest coin collector organization in the United States. It has a large museum of some of the most rare coins and paper money in all of numismatics.

As a way for more people to be able to see these coins a traveling ana museum exhibit has been created that will travel the country and set up at various coin conventions around the country. ANA President Walter Ostromecki talks about why his organization has championed this ANA Museum Road Show.


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The Long Beach Coin Expo is the largest coin show on the West Coast and  is held three times each year.  Over 300 of the world’s most important dealers bring their great coins, currency, stamps, sportscards and other collectibles to every Long Beach show.

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