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Ancient and World Coin Highlights From the Heritage 2021 ANA World’s Fair of Money Auction

Ancient and World Coin Highlights From the Heritage 2021 ANA World's Fair of Money Auction

Live viewing for the August ANA auction from Heritage Auctions is available August 9-13 in conjunction with the World’s Fair of Money at the Donald E. Stephens Convention in Rosemont, Illinois, while the live auction will be held August 19-20 at Heritage World Headquarters in Dallas.

Spain and Latin America

The Cape Coral Collection

Session 1, scheduled for 11 AM CT on Thursday, August 19, features the latest installment of the world-class Cape Coral Collection: the Cape Coral Collection of Spain and Latin America. Several offerings should immediately grab our bidders’ attention due to their exceptional preservation.

Perhaps the foremost of these is a sublime 1837-dated Guatemalan Central American Republic 8 Reales that certifies an astounding MS66 “Star” by NGC, a virtually unheard-of grade for this conditionally challenging series.

It would be nearly impossible to overlook such gems as an MS66-certified milled Spanish 8 Reales of 1728 or a 1735-dated Mexico “Pillar” 8 Reales certified MS65.

Another standout is a rare representative of the widely-recognized “Caballito” Peso-a 1909 Matte Proof Essai in PR65 condition. This cherished design of Mexican numismatics feels wholly reimagined in this scarce finish, and this offering may well be the only chance that collectors have to acquire such a fleeting issue.

Two additional highlights are a Gem Mint State Chilean Peso of the “1 Peso” design, dated 1867, representing the single-finest example of the type certified to date, followed by an exceedingly rare silvered-copper Specimen Pattern Córdoba 8 Reales certified Choice Mint State by NGC.

The WTR Collection

Immediately after the Cape Coral Collection at 1 PM, CT Thursday, comes the WTR Collection, offering an equally impressive array of gold coins from the Spanish world.

Headlining this exceptional assemblage of Cob and milled 8 Escudos is undoubtedly the extraordinarily impressive MS66-certified 1712 Lima Cob 8 Escudos of Philip V. Of around 6,768 Spanish colonial 8 Escudos currently certified by NGC across Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, only 14 other examples have been graded MS66 or better, with almost all of those being either “Royal” issues. Correspondingly, the WTR Cob specimen truly represents a one-of-a-kind example in the whole of the certified Spanish colonial population.

Classic Cob rarities can also be found in a 1713 MXo-J 8 Escudos from Mexico, which is tied for the second-finest at NGC, and a 1714 Choice Mint State 8 Escudos recovered from the famed 1715 Plate Fleet. A 1744 Mint State Mexican 8 Escudos, also from the reign of Philip V, makes a memorable impression as well. From the Empire of Maximilian, a Choice 1866 20 Pesos, tied with the Millennia Collection example, outranks both the Eliasberg and Rudman specimens. And the 1791 Potosi 8 Escudos of Charles IV in MS64 from NGC bests the next finest at that service by nine grade points (an AU55) and the next highest at PCGS by a full 19 (an XF45). Rounding out the 8 Escudos selection is an extremely rare 1725 Dobra of João V from Portugal, and from Ecuador, one of a mere four Mint State-graded 1852/0 8 Escudos.

Ancient Coins

The Monaco Collection

Following this in Session 3 at 3 PM comes the incredible Monaco Collection, an 82-lot standalone session of artistic, high-grade ancient coins – almost exclusively in gold.

The number of standouts in the collection is truly staggering. A dynastic aureus of the assassin Brutus is not only rare–fewer than 10 pieces are known–but also boasts a provenance dating back to 1884 and earlier.

Another desirable aureus follows closely, from one of the other assassins of Julius Caesar and Brutus’s main partner in crime, C. Cassius Longinus.

Marc Antony and Octavia appear with their attractive portraits on yet another aureus to round out the Roman Republic series.

The Roman Imperial section begins with 10 of the “Twelve Caesars” in gold. The Divus Julius Caesar restoration issue minted under Trajan is particularly rare and hails from the V.J.E. Ryan Collection sold in 1951.

Architecture fans will love the Octavian aureus with reverse type showing the statue of Victory that surmounted the apex of the senate-house. An unpublished Philip II dynastic aureus (32064) and an unpublished Emesa mint Septimius Severus aureus are also sure to attract attention.

Platinum Night

Last, but certainly not least, among our Thursday sessions comes the 5 PM Platinum Night session, which presents a host of opportunities.

Some are rarely seen, such as the Eid Mar denarius, and others are the chance of a lifetime, as with the Constantine VII gold bulla of 4-solidi.

The coin that is perhaps the “star” of the auction is neither the first nor last example of its type that we will encounter: the NGC-certified PR66 star Ultra Cameo “Una and the Lion” 1839 5 Pounds is a marvel of preservation that simply cannot be overlooked, ranking as the sole-finest representative of its type across both NGC and PCGS combined.

Among the additional abundant highlights from Great Britain featured in this session, we find a rare Oxford mint Charles I Triple Unite of 1643, graded MS61 by NGC. Bidders will also find a compelling offering in a 1753 5 Guineas of George II–the finest certified of its type and date across PCGS and NGC.

For collectors of more modern coins, a rare “No Initials” variety of the 1887 Victoria 5 Pounds, certified PR64 Cameo by NGC, should serve as a clear target.

Looking to the wider world, a Mexican “Royal” 8 Escudos of 1715, perhaps only the third-known example of its type, ranks among the most impressive, both for its indisputable rarity, as well as its Mint State preservation.

A likely unique Ragusa Tallero dated 1748, though struck half a century later during the French Revolutionary Wars, similarly speaks to the gems of scarcity and historical interest found in this auction.

* * *

This auction is open for bidding now at Coins.HA.com.

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