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Art of Italy Celebrated on Latest Gold, Silver Coins From Italian Mint

The Cathedral Basilica of Trani and the works of artist Artemisia Gentileschi are the stars of new coins from the Italian Mint

By the Italian Mint ……

Cathedral Basilica of Trani

It is defined as the sentinel of one of the most characteristic cities of Puglia: the Cathedral Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta of Trani. An excellent example of Romanesque-Pugliese architecture in limestone, the Basilica has become, thanks to its unique position, one of the most famous in the world.

Italy 2018 Santa Maria Assunta

The 10 euro silver coin of the Italian Series of the Arts was issued on July 9 by the Italian Mint. Designed by the engraver artist Uliana Pernazza, the commemorative has a circulation of 4,000 pieces for the “proof” version.

On the obverse is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta of Trani, an authoritative example of Roman-Apulian architecture. Arched decorations from sculptures on the Cathedral are emphasized. In the turn, the inscription “REPUBLIC ITALIAN “; on the left, the author’s name “U. Pernazza “.

On the reverse is a composition with decorative architectural elements typical of Romanesque-Pugliese architecture taken from the Chair of Santa Maria Assunta di Trani. In the center, enclosed in a concentric frame, are the inscriptions “ITALIA DELLE ARTI” and the denomination “10 EURO”; in the left field, vertically, the year of issue “2018”; in the right field, “R”, mint mark of the Mint of Rome; below, the word “TRANI”.

Artemisia Gentileschi

Italy 2018 20 Euro Gold Coin - Artemisia Gentileschi

The other gold coin of the Le Donne nell’Arte series, with a nominal value of 20 euros, has the face of Artemisia Gentileschi, an extraordinary artist and a great woman of temperament. Artemisia tells of courageous and determined women. Her works, an exceptional journey in 17th-century Baroque art, enchant with the colors, the lights and the shadows of Caravaggesque memory.

The coin, designed by the engraver artist Maria Angela Cassol, has a circulation of 1,200 pieces for the “proof” version.

On the obverse is a detail of the self-portrait of Artemisia Gentileschi as a lute player wearing a turban (Wadsworth Atheneum Museum, Hartford, United States). In the turn, the inscription “ITALIAN REPUBLIC” and decorative elements; below, on the right, in the work represented, the author’s name “CASSOL”.

On the reverse side, detail of the painting Judith and the maiden with the head of Holofernes (Palatine Gallery, Palace Pitti, Florence). Above, the words “WOMEN IN ART” and “ARTEMISIA GENTILESCHI”; in the right field, “R”, identifier of the Mint of Rome; in exergo, the value “20 EURO” and the year of issue “2018”.

These issues are already available on the Mint Catalog page, as well as on the Department of the Treasury. The other issues of the year are available on the website of the State Mint:


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