Ancient Roman Coins Highlight Heritage Showcase Auctions

Ed’s Treasures Ancient Coins Showcase

The Ed’s Treasures Collection of Ancient Coins Showcase auction comes from a single collection of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins. The collector focused on aesthetic quality, and the wonderful examples in this auction are the result. The Ed’s Treasures Collection is currently open for bidding at, with a concluding live session scheduled for 8 PM CT on December 5.

One notable coin in this auction is a gold stater of Alexander III The Great, graded MS by NGC. This is a posthumous issue of Babylon under Seleucus I Nicator, minted c. 311-305 BC. The obverse features a nicely detailed head of Athena, while the reverse, which features an image of Nike, bears a Greek inscription that translates to “Alexander Basileos”, or “Alexander King”.

Some of the other interesting coins in this auction are:

Rockport Collection of Ancient Coins

The second showcase auction of ancient coins from Heritage Auctions this month features The Rockport Collection, a collection, long off the market, with a distinct emphasis on Roman coinage.This auction is open for bidding now at, with a live auction scheduled for 8PM CT on December 19.

This auction features coins bought from Heritage in the 1980s, and the lots include old custom holders along with their NGC slabs. Images of the custom holders are available on the lot pages of each lot. The majority of the coins in this auction are Roman Imperial, with a healthy selection of Roman Republican issues and a smattering of Roman Provincial and Byzantine coinage.

Some of the outstanding coins included in this auction are:

Bids on the coins in these auctions are being accepted now at


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