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Coin Dealers Helping Coin Dealers’ RoundTable Group Launches YouTube Channel

Roundtable TV YouTube Channel

Collecting has been around since the beginning of humanity. Humans were drawn to collecting as it brings happiness and challenges the brain to learn. Throughout the early centuries of collecting, as it pertains to coins, it was considered a hobby of the wealthy. The early days of collecting saw Kings and Queens, Thomas Jefferson and other important people in our history collect coins and other interesting areas. Later, organizations like the ANA, PNG, ANS, IAPN and others helped further numismatics through their efforts for collectors and dealers alike.

However, the glory days of collecting have changed drastically since then.

We have been on a sliding scale trying to catch up with the next new thing since the internet and the auction business has taken over. One new development in collecting arose from an internet Facebook group called Coin Dealers Helping Coin Dealers. Since its inception two years ago, over 500 million dollars have been traded in coins and currency. RoundTable is represented by one thousand dealers spread throughout nearly every state in America, covering all types of coins and currency.

From here, RoundTable TV was born.

The RoundTable was first and foremost founded to promote and connect coin dealers and avid collectors so this is a natural evolution of the brand. RoundTable TV brings the expertise of a thousand dealers to video, sharing their stores and the trade shows they travel to. Imagine reporters around the country willing to share their passions for collectors and dealers alike worldwide. The official launch of RoundTable TV was early January 2019. Several dealers went live simultaneously from the FUN show in Orlando and the New York International (NYINC) show. Jeanene Bergstrom of Kearney Coin Center, Shaunda Fry of A Coin Shop in Littleton, Colorado and Aaron Berk of Harlan J. Berk in Chicago were among the first to go live.

Matt Dinger of The Lost Dutchman Rare Coins and The Coin Show Podcast is also excited about working on this next generation of numismatic media content delivery.

Aaron Berk, one of the RoundTable contributors, states, “Authentic TV with a twist! Anyone can jump on anytime and share.”

This is what has been missing from numismatics – especially since it makes it fun and educational.

Numismatics is great for the fact that every individual associated with collecting contributes. It is not one collector or a specific dealer or auction house, but everyone that keeps collecting happening. RoundTable TV will bring all of us closer together, so we can bring in the generations to follow.

If you are on Facebook, follow RoundTable TV or you can view all the videos on Youtube under the channel Roundtable TV.


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