Coin Profile – 1906-A France Gold 100 Francs Angel MS-63 PCGS


The 100 Franc French Gold Angel is a large, beautiful coin with a wonderful design and great look that had been a highly popular european gold coin since it was struck.

  • Contain .9335 oz actual Gold weight.
  • Graded MS-63 by PCGS and encapsulated in a sealed holder to protect your investment.
  • Obverse: Depicts the famous standing genius writing the constitution design by Augustin Dupré. Rooster on the right, fasces on the left.
  • Reverse: Denomination of 100 Francs within a wreath and the French motto “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”

Almost from the beginning, Gold Angels were regarded as lucky charms. French pilots in World War I rarely took flight without a Gold Angel coin in their pocket. Best known for bringing good luck to their owners, the “Lucky Angel” has a fascinating legend behind it dating back to the French Revolution. The legend began during the Reign of Terror in the mid-1790s, when the coin’s designer claimed to have been saved from the guillotine by the lucky Angel coin in his pocket.

Minted in Paris in .900 fine Gold, this French Gold Angel features the Standing Genius writing the constitution with a rooster on the right and column on the left with the phrase REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE on the obverse (front). The reverse design features a circular wreath with the date and denomination and the phrase LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE.

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