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Cool Currency 2016 Episode 3 – 4K Video

What do you know about money?

Our third episode of Cool Currency for the year was filmed at the American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) World’s Fair of Money – the World Series of American Numismatics! This year, the annual gathering took place in Anaheim, California.

CoinWeek was there and found four fascinating banknote stories.

In this video, Patrick Richey from Minshull Trading shows us two notes recovered from the SS Andrea Doria shipwreck. Both notes have been certified in luxurious acrylic block PCGS holders.

Next up, Jeff Kierstead from Mint Products Auctions shares with us a scarce Georgia colonial note with a “man holding a cane”.

One wonders what inspired that curious motif.

European dealer Henrik Christensen shows us a scandalous Denmark 500 Kroner note. Collectors covet them now – but the Danish didn’t want to get caught with too many of them after World War II. Learn why.

And finally, Kjell Riibe of Riibe Mynthandel AS shows us a rare torn early Norwegian banknote. The idea of tearing banknotes as a form of partial payment is still carried out. Could this be where the practice began?

CoinWeek’s popular Cool Currency! series returns with a fantastic episode that features four fascinating, unusual, and in the case of one particular piece, indecent notes.

When CoinWeek says “Cool Currency!”, you know we mean business!

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This video program was filmed in 4K resolution for maximum video quality. Click the “Watch on YouTube” button to view video at maximum resolution.

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