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CSNS Signature Auction Features Gem Proof Coins From William Rehwald Collection

As a part of our April 25-28 Central States Signature Auction, we are privileged to offer The William Rehwald Proof Set Collection, a large and essentially complete set of proofs dated 1859 to 1916 – nearly all in the PR64 grade – covering the copper, nickel, and silver denominations, and lacking only a few ultra-rare or esoteric proofs. Formed over a period of 30+ years, this set offers exceptional quality for the grade and is almost entirely housed in older-generation holders.

The consignor explains:

When PCGS burst upon the scene, I remember buying MS65 common date Morgan dollars for way too much money (being certified, they were perceived as being ‘rare’). It was in the mid-1980s that I decided to pursue a collection of coins that was attainable, reasonably priced, and yet still very nice coins. I settled on proof coins in the PR64 grade, from 1859 to 1916. I wanted proofs in all denominations – except for gold, and what I call the esoteric one-offs such as the 1884 and 1885 Trade dollars, which did not fit my ‘reasonably priced’ definition. I stuck to my PR64 limit with only a few exceptions; for example, the short sets in PR66 for 1936 through 1942, and 1950 through 1952. Time and again, I saw that PR64 coins were much nicer than 63s, and in an excellent price range. At one time or another, I purchased every proof date and denomination that fit my parameters from 1859 thru 1916. I cannot tell you how many times, as I was perusing the bourse (mostly at Long Beach) I was offered a coin that I needed, but as a PR63 or PR65. I would only buy a PR64. The hardest coins in the set to find were two of the 1878 Morgan dollar varieties, and, of course, the coveted 1895 Morgan dollar.

I mostly enjoy brilliant white proofs, although there are some attractively toned coins in my collection, too. I only purchased the ‘right’ coins, rather than just filling the slot. I believe, as you look at the coins in the collection, that you will appreciate a discerning eye (even If I do say so myself). I am sure many of my coins will upgrade, as about half of the collection are CAC coins, and nearly all of the coins are in old holders from 20+ years ago. I really enjoyed pursuing the proofs and forming this set over the last 30-plus years. The collection certainly demonstrates this, and I hope you will enjoy these proofs as much as I have. Going forward, my latest endeavor is completing one of the top 10 Peace dollar collections.

Just a few of the individual highlights of this collection include:

Bid on this collection and the rest of the outstanding offerings in our Central States auctions at coins.HA.com and currency.HA.com. But get your bids in soon – these auctions head to the auction floor beginning Wednesday, April 24 (US currency) and Thursday, April 25.

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