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Dillon Gage to Open Larger Precious Metals Refinery in Dallas

Company’s new facility now has twice the capacity to chemically remove diamonds from their settings

This summer, Dillon Gage Metals will move to a brand new precious metals refinery in Dallas that’s bigger and more state of the art, with the same excellent service provided by its existing refinery there and a few more options for customers.

“Our new refinery has a convenient layout for clients who are bringing in materials and need other assistance,” says Terry Hanlon, President of Dillon Gage Metals. “To meet brisk demand, the new facility is three times larger than our previous refinery.”

“We’re expanding to meet the needs of precious metals dealers, jewelry makers and those in the business of buying and selling items containing precious metals,” Hanlon said. “We can process anything from karat gold, platinum, palladium and silver to jewelers’ bench sweeps and filings.”

Hanlon noted security at the new facility meets the highest possible standards and includes multiple backup systems.

“Our facility, security systems and processes are the most up to date in the industry,” he said. “We want to ensure that our customers’ needs are met in every possible way.”

Dillon Gage has been in the precious metals business for 35 years and has been refining for over 15 years.

Jewelry, metal scraps, tea sets and heirlooms can be separated into precious and less precious materials more efficiently at the new refinery. Items are melted and assayed — or measured — and then refined.

“In this new facility, we will be able to more efficiently remove diamonds from gold and platinum settings using a proprietary scientific process that chemically dissolves the metal leaving the stones unharmed,” says Robert Truhe, general manager of Dillon Gage Group’s refinery in Dallas. Dillon Gage has the ability to remove even the smallest melee diamonds from jewelry. They can return the stones to their customers to be reset in newer jewelry, or the company can buy those stones.

One advantage of Dillon Gage’s new Dallas refinery is that “customers can turn in scrap and receive gold, silver or platinum coins and bars as payment,” Truhe says. As one of the major market makers in precious metals, Dillon Gage has immediate access to supplies of metal that can be shipped to clients soon after the settlement of their refining lots.

Processes used by Dillon Gage to refine precious metals are similar to those used by alchemists a thousand years ago, but these are the “gold standard” procedures used by the largest refiners worldwide. They have capabilities of performing various types of assays. These range from the time- honored fire assay, to XRF, and others. The decision as to which process to use depends upon the metal content of the scrap lot and the owner’s preference. The company has strengthened their environmental policies and procedures to be even more environmentally sound, however. Nothing leaves the facility without first being neutralized.

The metal is melted to determine its value, then purified. In the process, each lot of metal is separated into groups of gold, platinum or silver, and then weighed and tagged. At the customers’ request, jewelry with diamonds is processed separately, and the diamonds are recovered so that they can be purchased or returned to the customer.

Prices paid by Dillon Gage to customers for gold, silver and platinum are based on actively traded contract months in the New York and London futures markets, where values change instantaneously. Dillon Gage customers can choose which of these two markets they want to price their metal on. Customers also have the flexibility to settle their lots by receiving payment by check, wire, trading for bullion coins or bars, utilizing pool accounts or purchasing finished jewelry products.

The new refinery is located at 11231 Gemini Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229, and situated less than a mile from the company’s existing refinery. Both facilities are conveniently located near major Highways 635 and 35.

For more information on Dillon Gage Metals Refinery visit www.dillongage.com or call (888) 436-3489. Follow Dillon Gage on Twitter @DillonGage and Facebook at www.facebook.com/dillongage.

About Dillon Gage

Dillon Gage (www.DillonGage.com) was founded in 1976, and its companies include:

    • Dillon Gage Securities, Inc., a full-service NASD member firm that specializes in financial planning. (800) 375-4243
    • Dillon Gage Metals, one of the largest precious metals dealers in the U.S. (800) 375-4653
    • Dillon Gage Inc., a firm dealing in futures markets. (800) 375-4243
    • Diamond State Depository, a wholly owned, independently operated precious-metals storage facility located in New Castle, Delaware. 888-322-6150



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