EAC 2013 Coin Convention Reception and Opening Remarks. VIDEO: 6:08

eac_opening_2013This year’s Early America Coppers Convention gathering was held in Newark, Ohio.

Bim Gander, President of the EAC, delivers some remarks at the opening reception to a room packed with attendees.

He acknowledges many of the people responsible for holding the convention and talks about next year’s event.

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Early American Coppers Convention

Cherry Valley Lodge
Newark, Ohio

Early American Coppers (EAC) is a not-for-profit numismatic specialty organization founded in 1967 to serve as a point of contact for collectors of early U.S. copper coins – Colonials, Half Cents, Large Cents, and Hard Time Tokens.

Today EAC comprises over 1,200 members located throughout the United States. EAC members are deeply interested in the historical background, attribution, grading, rarity, and related aspects of the early coppers, as well as collecting and trading. Many EAC members are highly knowledgeable and prolific contributors to the numismatic literature of this country.

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