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Gabriele Collection of U.S. Merchant and Trade Tokens, So-Called Dollars Featured in Stack’s Bowers July Collectors Choice Auction

Gabriele Collection of U.S. Merchant and Trade Tokens, So-Called Dollars Featured in Stack's Bowers July Collectors Choice Auction

Live Auction Thursday, July 30, 2020 • 9:00 AM PT


The Tim Gabriele Collection of U.S. Merchant and Trade Tokens was over a decade in the making, its spark a 2007 visit to a coin dealer in Manhattan who had some marvelous tokens from the collection of Pittsburgh coin dealer and collector Charles “Cheech” Litman. It was kismet that brought Tim to these particular tokens, as he had worked for Cheech in the early 1980s. Tim took the plunge and bought the tokens, even though he had never before bought anything other than regular issue United States and World coins.

This chance purchase set him on a path to building one of the finest collections of U.S. Merchant and Trade Tokens ever offered at auction. With his keen eye, Tim focused on purchasing the finest quality tokens that he could find, without prejudice as to location, issuer, or metal, and the tokens we are offering show it. The collection comprises nearly 350 pieces from a broad range of states and issuers. All display great eye appeal and almost all have third party grades between MS-63 and MS-67, with only a few pieces dipping below that range.

Tim took a particular liking to tokens not previously listed in the standard references, whether as a metal variant, an edge variety, or a different die combination. And his collection includes a representation of many of the avidly sought pictorial types, such as Lovett’s “Smoker” and “Witch on a Broomstick” tokens, in addition to the simpler and more practical store cards delineating only a proprietor’s name, location and wares.

Given that the states of New York and Pennsylvania have the largest number of issuers, the greatest concentration of tokens in the collection hail from those states. Also represented, however, are tokens from Alabama, California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

While they were once concentrated in the hands of a few strong collectors, high-quality tokens like these are now more dispersed in the cabinets of hundreds of collectors. The sale of the Tim Gabriele Collection brings to the market another high-quality offering whose origins are in the holdings of the prominent collectors of yesteryear. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to fill some holes in your collection, or to use Tim’s collection as a jumping-off point to embark on new collection altogether.

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Featured Highlights

Lot 93067
New York-New York. 1860 George H.
Lovett. Miller-NY 491E. German Silver.
Plain Edge. MS-65 (PCGS).

Lot 93139
Pennsylvania-Philadelphia. Undated
(ca. 1860) William Idler. Miller-Pa 229A,
Musante GW-266, Baker-545. Silver.
Plain Edge. MS-63 (NGC).

Lot 93090
New York-New York. 1860
Woodgate & Co. Miller-NY 981.
Copper. Plain Edge.
MS-65 BN (NGC).

Lot 93103
Pennsylvania-Mount Holly Springs.
1860 Mt. Holly Paper Co. Miller-Pa 7,
Musante GW-271, Baker-563B. Copper.
Plain Edge. MS-66 BN (NGC).

Lot 93150
Pennsylvania-Philadelphia. Undated
(1849-1850) Jones Exchange Hotel.
Miller-Pa 238Q. Brass. Plain Edge.
AU-50 (NGC).

Lot 93159
Pennsylvania-Philadelphia. “1812”
(ca. 1859) R. Lovett Jr. Miller-Pa 344O.
Brass. Plain Edge. MS-65 (NGC).

Lot 93164
Pennsylvania-Philadelphia. 1855
Morgan & Orr. Miller-Pa 367A. Brass.
Reeded Edge. MS-63 (NGC).

Lot 93190
Virginia-Norfolk. Undated (ca. 1864)
R. Chamberlaine. Miller Va-10, Musante
GW-687, Baker-525. White Metal.
Plain Edge. MS-63 (NGC).

Lot 93211
Montana-Helena. Undated (1880-1895)
Schwab & Zimmerman. Rulau Mt-He 20.
German Silver. Plain Edge. MS-64 (NGC).

Lot 93216
New York-New York. Undated (1862)
P.T. Barnum. Rulau NY-NY 11.
White Metal. Plain Edge.
MS-63 DPL (NGC).

Lot 93302
Pennsylvania-Philadelphia. Undated
(1889-1890) Sinkler & Davey.
Rulau Pa-Ph 373. Brass.
Plain Edge. MS-63 (NGC).

Lot 93315
Florida-Key West. 1900 Onivos N.
Xenocles. Rulau-Key 20. Brass.
Plain Edge. MS-64 (NGC).

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