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Gold Coins From Around the World Star in Künker Auction 340

Gold Coins From Around the World Star in Künker Auction 340

Künker Gold Auction 340 by Künker GmbH ……
Dear bidders and coin enthusiasts,

Yes, gold is a very special material. It is the most ductile metal we know of. From a single gram of gold, a wire of two kilometers can be drawn. Humankind made use of this to gild all sorts of items with gold leaf, whether it be small angels in Baroque churches or the gilded Cadillac of Elvis Presley.

To this day, 197,575.7 tons of gold have been mined around the globe, 21.6% of which is in the possession of private investors. Do you want to be one of these investors? Does your heart beat faster when you see the warm shimmer of gold? In that case, you should keep in mind that gold is an ideal component of any investment portfolio and that gold coins are the crowning glory of every coin collection.

Investing in gold has never been more appealing than in our Auction 340, “A Numismatic Gold Treasure”. The sale is a perfect opportunity for combining collecting and investing activities. We offer both, single lots with rarities of outstanding quality and multiple lots containing pieces that can be found more often.


Your Künker Team

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Highlights of Gold Auction 340

Lot number 2590
Victoria, 1837-1901.
Sovereign 1856, Sydney.
Rare. Almost extremely fine.
Estimate: 2,500 € euros

Lot number 2838
Great Britain.
Victoria, 1837-1901.
Sovereign pattern 1839, London.
Very rare. Extremely fine struck in proof quality.
Estimate: 2,000 € euros

Lot number 3175
10 dollars 1865 S, San Francisco.
One of the best known specimens.
NGC MS61. Extremely fine +.
Estimate: 15,000 € euros

Lot number 3229
20 dollars 1859 O, New Orleans.
One of the best known specimens.
NGC AU58. Almost extremely fine.
Estimate: 25,000 € euros

Lot number 3270
20 dollars 1881, Philadelphia.
Only 2,199 specimens minted. NGC AU58.
Extremely fine.
Estimate: 15,000 € euros

Lot number 3581
Napoleon I, 1804-1814,1815.
20 francs 1814 CL, Genoa.
Only 887 specimens minted. Very fine +.
Estimate: 4,500 € euros

Lot number 2992
Alexander III, 1881-1894.
10 roubles 1887, St. Petersburg.
Extremely fine.
Estimate: 7,500 € euros

Lot number 2550
Zogu I, 1925-1928-1939.
100 francs 1927 R, Rome.
Extremely fine.
Estimate: 1,750 € euros

Gold Coin Viewing Possibilities

Nobbenburger Straße 4a

The viewing will take place – also during the auction – by prior appointment only in our own premises. We kindly ask you to register early for a viewing appointment.

We will inform you about any changes, e.g. to the time schedule or the location of the auction, by newsletter, and on www.kuenker.de.

Bids by Fax, Phone and Email

While online bidding is always available we also gladly accept your bids by:

Fax: +49 541 96202 22
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +49 541 96202 0

Please note:

The likelihood of errors increases, if we do receive your bid shortly before the auction. We thus recommend sending your bids as early as possible.

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