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Hands on: Littleton Coin Company 2015 Advent Calendar – Video: 2:10

CoinWeek ordered an coin-themed Advent Calendar from Littleton Coin Company and asked a youngster to play with it. He liked looking at and learning about coins. For collectors with small children, this might be an interesting and fun way to teach them about money and coin collecting.


Advent Calendars… that holiday tradition whereby children count down the days until Christmas by opening hinged paper doors and eating generic chocolates molded in holiday shapes.

Who even makes the chocolate? A holiday mystery…

For those who would like to share something more than chocolate with the children in their lives, Littleton Coin Company is offering a coin-themed take on the Advent Calendar.

We ordered one so that we could take a look at it – and gave it to Trevor our CoinWeek stunt child.

The calendar is printed on heavy duty paper stock. Each day, from December 1 to December 24 is printed in order, with a slot for a coin for each day.

The coins themselves are all from 2015 – and include two cents, two nickels, two dimes, eight National Part quarters, two Kennedy half dollars, Six Presidential Dollars, and two Native American dollars.

The coins come in 2×2 flips and are labeled. Littleton advertises each coin as being brilliant uncirculated and MS60 – but in truth, all of the coins in the calendar we received were true gems.

In our product test, Trevor not only enjoyed the calendar from the money aspect – but it was also a way to see coins not generally found in circulation.

We figure most children have no practical experience with half dollars or golden dollars for that matter.

Littleton Coin is offering the 2015 U.S. Advent Calendar on their website. The price is $54.95 each – plus $6.95 shipping and handling.

You can order online by visiting Littletoncoin.com and entering the keyword: Advent

This video program was filmed in 4K resolution for maximum video quality. Click the “Watch on YouTube” button to view video at maximum resolution.


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