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International Bank Note Society (IBNS) Banknote of 2013 – Nominations

International Bank Note Society (IBNS) Banknote of 2013 – Nominations
Nominations close 31 January 2014

IBNS Members can send their nominations for the Banknote of 2013 to the Banknote of the Year Co-Ordinator Banknotes nominated must have been issued to the public (specimens and non-circulating currencies are inelligble) for the first time during the year of the award, and must have artistic merit and/or innovative security features. When nominating a note, please provide your reasons for nomination, and if possible, a scan of the front and back of the note.

Click on the Nominations to view images of the Obverse and Reverse of each note

Brazil’s 5 Reais Note

Nominated by Alexandre Costa, IBNS Member 9961




European Monetary Union 5 Euro Note

Nominated by Antje Maroussi, IBNS Member 11015



Libya’s 50 Dinar Note

Nominated by Thomas Augustsson, IBNS Life Member 126



Iceland’s 10,000 Kronur Note

Nominated by Christof Zellweger, IBNS Life Member 86



Russia’s 100 Rouble Note

Nominated by Steven Bron, IBNS Member 10843


United States 100 Dollar Note

Nominated by David White, IBNS Life Member 161



Canada’s 10 Dollar Note

Nominated by Ron Richardson, IBNS Member 4563



Lebanon’s 50,000 Livre Note

Nominated by Raihan Ahmed, IBNS Member 10741



Fiji’s 100 Dollar Note

Nominated by Radek Janousek, IBNS Member 10823


Kazakhstan’s 1,000 Tenge Note

Nominated by Simon Sui, IBNS Member 10246


View Full Terms and Conditions

Nominations for Banknote of the Year

Any IBNS member in good standing can make a nomination for the Banknote of the Year. Each member can make only one nomination in a year.
Nominations, including reasons for the nomination, must be sent to the the Banknote of the Year Co-ordinator.
If possible, scanned images of the front and back of the notes should be forwarded with the nomination.
Nominations for Banknote of the Year award will be accepted up to the end of January of the year of the award.
i.e. Nominations for the Banknote of 2013 (for banknotes issued in 2013) will close on the 31 January 2014
Nominations received during the year will be listed in the IBNS Journal and displayed on the IBNS website, reasons for the nomination may also be displayed.
Note: A nomination may be received in time to be considered for the award, but not in time to be illustrated in the last Journal for the year of nomination.

Core Criteria of the Award

The banknote must have been issued to the public for the first time in the year of nomination.
The banknote must be submitted to the IBNS Journal for publication in ‘New Notes’.
The banknote must be circulating currency (i.e. no specimens or non-circulating currencies are eligible).
The banknote must have artistic merit.
Imaginative designs will be well considered.
Good use of colour, contrast and general balance will be well considered.
Design features that take advantage of modern security features will be well considered, taking into account the issuing authority and the value of the note.

Note: If more than one banknote from a series with common design features are nominated, only one of the notes will be eligible for nomination. The Awards Committee will make the selection as to which note will be nominated.
Selection of the Banknote of the Year

During February of the year of the award, member of the IBNS will evaluate each nomination against the core criteria of the Banknote of the Year award, and select their preference for Banknote of the Year.
Each member of the IBNS will have a single vote towards the Banknote of the Year award.
In the event of a tie the IBNS President will have the casting vote

Announcement of the Banknote of the Year

The winner of the Banknote of the Year award will be announced at the first Board meeting of the year of the award.
The winning entry will appear on the IBNS website and in the IBNS Journal.
Details of the winner will also be announced in a press release to the numismatic press.

About IBNS

ibns_logoThe International Bank Note Society (IBNS) was founded in 1961. It operates as a non-profit educational organization and in furtherance of such purpose, its objectives are to promote, stimulate, and advance the study and knowledge of worldwide banknotes and paper currencies and all matters related thereto along educational, scientific and historical lines. Currently the IBNS has over 2,000 members in more than 90 countries.

Members enjoy a number of benefits: a quarterly printed journal containing information on new issues and learned studies on paper money, a membership directory with contacts and dealers to further their collections, professional assistance in the unpleasant event of controversy between collectors, and many other useful tools.

The goal of the IBNS web site is to provide a range of services to its members and to paper money collectors in general. Visitors to these pages can co-operate in the development of our site by sending in their comments, opinions, hints, ideas, expectations, and wishes. Everyone is welcome.

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