CoinWeek Podcast #106: Ken Bressett on the State of Coins

CoinWeek Podcast #106: Ken Bressett on the State of Coins

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This week on the Coinweek Podcast, we are joined byRed Book Editor Emeritus Ken Bressett.

Since the 1970s, Ken has helmed the most important book in the American coin collecting hobby, the “Red Book”. This book, affordable and comprehensive introduced a generation of Americans to the wonderful hobby of coin collecting and has served for generations as the go-to reference book on all types of federal issues, colonial coins, patterns, and more.

Ken’s writing and research and market knowledge has benefited generations of coin collectors and has had an immeasurable impact on the growth of the coin hobby.

Our conversation touches upon this, the shape of the market now versus then, and recaps some of Ken’s most memorable moments as a numismatist.

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So before you buy, do your homework and look for the green bean on the holder.

It could make all of the difference between buying a coin that will hold its value, or even make you money, and buying a coin that might have problems not immediately evident in the grade.

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